HRH Premier: Human rights respect essential for development in Bahrain

Manama, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain has made respect for human rights and their preservation as an essential pillar of its development process.

This is done through an integrated vision and a modern system of legislation and laws that promote the rights of the individuals and provide them with the requirements of decent life, he said.

In a message to the world marking the International Human Rights Day, to be celebrated this year under the theme Youth Standing Up for Human Rights, HRH the Prime Minister said that supporting the efforts of nations in the sustainable development area and raising the standard of living for their citizens is the focus of noble values of human rights.

The right to wellbeing and decent living conditions constitutes a human goal guaranteed by religious laws and international covenants, foremost of which is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, HRH Premier said.

HRH the Prime Minister stressed that the world conscience is the essence of protecting human rights, and that everyone has a responsibility to listen to their conscience to achieve a peaceful and war-free world in which lofty values -incited by divine religions -prevail.

The Premier affirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain, led by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, is rich with pioneering development and human rights accomplishments in ensuring human rights and public freedoms, supported by sustainable growth in human development indicators, making it a model that is highly appreciated by international institutions.

HRH the Premier underscored the necessity of the international community’s cooperation to build a world that enjoys security and stability. He said the first step to achieve this goal would be through solid belief in collective responsibility as an instrument to defend the present and future of mankind in light of overwhelming conflicts, disputes and wars that have exhausted the capabilities of states and peoples that have caused their setbacks.

HRH Premier praised this year’s theme, being focused on the importance of promoting youth participation and employing their potential as a catalyst towards building a better world.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister pointed out that the youth enjoys a lot of interest in all development plans adopted by the Kingdom of Bahrain, confirming his belief that youth are the real investment in the future.

HRH Premier praised the perseverance and strength of the youth of Bahrain in achieving the highest levels of creativity and excellence in various fields and making outstanding contribution to serving the homeland, through continuous keenness to obtain knowledge so as to be more effective in raising the name of Bahrain high at various gatherings.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the steps taken by Bahrain regarding the protection of human rights have received continuous international appreciation, citing its nomination to obtain the membership of the Human Rights Council three times, most recently for the period from 2019 to 2021, which reflects the extent of its successes in fulfilling international standards in this field.

HRH Premier affirmed that Bahrain has been a pioneer in developing its legislative and legal platforms in a manner that is consistent with international conventions and standards. He said it has been keen to join many agreements that preserve the rights of individuals and equality between them without regard to gender, color or creed. HRH expressed his pride in what characterizes the Bahraini society as a model of coexistence and tolerance.

The Prime Minister reaffirmed that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its high values and noble goals, constituted and is still an important development in the history of humanity and affirms the urgent desire of nations of the world to reach the best conditions that help them rise and prosper.

HRH Premier called on the international community to reinforce joint efforts to translate the principles and values that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes into initiatives for development and construction that preserve human dignity and security in light of the current tension and disputes in the world.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for the view to human rights to be broader and not confined to a narrow political angle, especially since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights addresses these rights in their civil, political, economic, social and cultural frameworks.

His Royal Highness the Prime Minister praised the efforts made by the United Nations in building international partnerships that enhance security and stability in the world. He reiterated the Kingdom of Bahrain’s support for all international initiatives aimed at promoting human rights and ensuring a decent life for humanity.

Source: Bahrain News Agency