Ashghal Opens Several Projects

In light of the government’s directives and Qatar National Vision 2030, the Public Works Authority Ashghal is keen on delivering integrated infrastructure and public buildings that serve all sectors in Qatar, including the educational field. Ashghal has fulfilled some projects in preparation for the new academic year 2018/2019.

In this regard, Ashghal had accelerated the works of the projects that serve a lot of schools and provide safe passage to the students and opened partially Al Maadid Street in Al Maamoura area and Al Qattara Street in Al Wakra. Ashghal notes that construction is underway to open Shura Intersection and Fereej Kulaib next week.

Ashghal has completed four projects in terms of the development of local roads and infrastructure for the different areas in 2018, including Rawdat Rashid, Bani Hajer North, Al Aziziya East and Rwadat Aba Al Hayran, reaching 28 projects. The upgrade works involves 18,807 residential subdivisions and 1,829 new land plots, creating easy access for school goers.

Ashghal has also achieved 171 new schemes as part of School Zone Safety Programme. As for educational facilities, Ashghal implemented new requirement for fire protection in 33 schools in 2018.

Source: Government of Qatar