GAZA, Palestine- In spite of the ongoing crisis between several Arab countries with Qatar, the latter signed an agreement with Gaza construction companies to build more housing units in the Gaza Strip.

“The 5.5 million-dollar agreement is devoted for the construction of eight buildings,” Qatari ambassador, Mohamed Ammadi, told a news briefing in Gaza.

The news briefing was held in Gaza city, together with Nikolay Mladenov, the special United Nations envoy to the Middle East.

“In spite of the imposed embargo on Qatar, we will carry on and continue standing to the side of the besieged Palestinians,” said Ammadi.

He added, “Backing the Palestinian people, directly or indirectly, with all international establishments is officially done, in permanent and full coordination with the Palestinian (National) Authority.”

Ammadi, a Qatari engineer, stressed that, his visit to the Gaza Strip “reiterates to the Palestinian people, that, Qatar stands to the side of the Palestinian people.”

Ammadi arrived in Gaza on Sunday, where he held talks with Abbas, in Ramallah, on Monday, and returned back on Tuesday, to sign the agreement, on the construction of the housing units in the coastal enclave.

Meanwhile, Mladenov told the news briefing that he believes there has been a successful partnership between Qatar and the UN, that serves Palestinians and helps to improve the hard living situation in Gaza.”

Source: NAM News Network

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