MME removes 61,524 abandoned vehicles from across the country

The Committee for Impounding Abandoned Vehicles at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has impounded 61,524 abandoned vehicles from all over the country since 2013 under its campaign to protect health and environment.

The impounded vehicles were taken to tow yards in Al Wakra and Abu Hamour. The Committee impounded 43,202 abandoned vehicles to Al Mashaf Tow Yard and 18,312 abandoned vehicles to Mesaimeer (Abu Hamour) Tow Yard. A total of 25,748 abandoned vehicles are still waiting for their owners in Al Mashaf Tow Yard and 8,205 abandoned vehicles in Mesaimeer (Abu Hamour) Tow Yard.

The Committee waged major campaigns in coordination with all municipalities to impound the abandoned vehicles to Tow Yard.

About 12,000 to 15,000 abandoned vehicles are impounded every year, while about 500 abandoned vehicles are being claimed by their owners every month after paying the fine QR1,000 per vehicle.

The owners of impounded vehicles are also being charged QR500 as towing charge for light vehicles, QR800 for heavy vehicles and QR2,000 for heavy machinery and equipment. a new tow yard with the capacity of 25,000 to 30,000 abandoned vehicles will open soon in Al Mazrouh, Umm Salal Municipality. Al Mazrouh Tow Yard is ready to join the two existing two yards in Al Mashaf at Al Wakra and Misaimeer at Abu Hamour.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment

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