Official source: Qatari regime using postgraduate students within smear campaign against Bahrain

Manama, An official source at the Information Affairs Ministry has stated that the Qatari regime and its rogue state have adopted new ways within their smear campign against Bahrain and the boycotting countries, through involving the brotherly Qatari people in their conspiracies after losing hope in the success of the mercenaries they have recruited to target such states.

The official source said that the Qatari regime has recruited postgraduate students from the brotherly Qatari people to prepare academic theses aimed at attacking the Kingdom of Bahrain and disseminating fallacies and lies attributed to the 2011 events in Bahrain.

In this regard, the source cited the so-called scientific paper presented by a postgraduate student at the University of Qatar during an international academic conference, in which she totally adopted and reverberated the content included in the so-called documentary, The Hidden Is Immens aired by a Qatari satellite channel recently, even before it was aired.

The official source stressed that the recently-adopted ways by the Qatari regime are no more than desperate attempts to cast doubt on the cohesion of Bahrain’s social fabric, whose harmony is recognied by everyone, including those who have known the kingdom very well.

The source indicated that the recent increase in the Qatari attempts to target Bahrain’s social fabric is a strong evidence of the Qatari regime’s loss of rationalism, noting that raising the same issues and keenness to broadcast the events again proves Qatar’s involvement in the conspiracy against Bahrain in 2011, and its failure to achieve its goals.

The Information Ministry’s source emphasised that the insistence on disseminating fallacies and lies and use of suspicious sources to talk about events that the Kingdom had already overcome thanks to the wisdom and statesmanship of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the Bahraini people’s cohesion and awareness of the conspiracies and plots staged against the homeland, which proved that HM the King maintains an equal distance from all the segments of the Bahraini people, reflects the real bankruptcy that rogue state of Qatar has reached while seeking to find other ways out for its real crisis with the four countries boycotting it because of its terrorist conduct.

The Qatari crisis will not be solved through targeting Bahrain and betting on sowing divide among its people, as Bahrain is immune against division and its gates are too high to be overcome, the source added, noting that under the leadership of HM King Hamad and thanks to the strength of the Bahraini people, no loophole will be left for traitors, and those who ignore the authentic Arab values and provide a platform that spews poison into the body of the Nation.

The same source asserted that the Qatari regime’s keenness to make Qatari postgraduates abroad prepare hatred-filled academic theses that dig up the past and distort its facts represents a malicious act aimed at expanding the scope of conspirators against Bahrain and the region, stressing that Qatar’s malignant conduct of using money to buy academic institutions and research centres to use them as a weapon to influence opinion leaders among academicians and intellectuals, as well as decision-makers to mislead the international public opinion and set goals that have nothing to do with the real path, have been exposed.

The Information Affairs Ministry’s source affirmed that Qatar’s repeated attempts to bring to light past events and conspiracies in the form of detective stories on different platforms has become insidious, and reflects the weakness of its position and bankruptcy.

Such a provocative approach is a blatant interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs, both in secret and public, thus distincing the Qatari rogue regime away from all the principles to which all peoples of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are committed and believe in.

Such an approach also reveals Qatar’s alliance with evil camps that seek division and chaos, and adoption of extremist ideology through supporting evil powers among militias and holders of extremist ideoplogy, using the Qatari money as a fuel to spread its evil across the region and the world, the same source added.

Source: Bahrain News Agency