ONESIAM Experience Unites for “World Water Festival: The Songkran Phenomena” – Reaffirming Global Destination Status with Unparalleled Celebratory Experience

BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 March 2024 – Siam Piwat solidifies its position as Thailand’s leader in crafting world-class destinations by uniting efforts to showcase the unmatched ONESIAM Experience. This initiative brings together the allure of global hotspots situated in the heart of Bangkok – Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery – with the iconic ICONSIAM along the Chao Phraya River, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, the only world-class luxury outlet in Thailand. The collaboration also includes the integration of the ONESIAM SuperApp. Joining forces, they collaborate to bring forth a miraculous spectacle, crafting the iconic “World Water Festival: The Songkran Phenomena.” This grand and spectacular event is set to unfold throughout April 2024.This year’s event is set to surpass all previous years in scale and uniqueness, especially since ‘Songkran in Thailand’ was honored as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO at the end of last year.

Throughout April, the ONESIAM Experience is advancing via collaboration of 5 top destinations to craft an iconic event. The World Water Festival: The Songkran Phenomena is set to deliver extraordinary experience to both Thai and international visitors. It establishes itself as the ultimate Songkran Festival destination, a must-visit for everyone. In anticipation of the Songkran Festival and the vibrant hues of summer, preparations are underway, with each shopping center, including Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, ICONSIAM, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, gearing up to showcase its unique highlights and special features. Engaging activities and exclusive shopping opportunities tailored to reflect the distinct character of each venue.

Siam Paragon is set to host the “Siam Paragon Ultrasonic Water Festival 2024,” from April 9-16, 2024. This grand celebration aims to captivate a global audience by showcasing an exceptional blend of global artists, music and entertainment, alongside the marvels of Thai culture. Siam Paragon embarks on its ‘Co-create & Collaborate’ initiative with globally renowned British artist Philip Colbert. Colbert, celebrated for pioneering a novel Pop Art style characterized by distinct lines and vibrant colors, brings his original creation, “Lobster Man,” into this collaboration for the first time in Thailand. His work will be transformed into a vast ‘Giant Inflatable Playground,’ embracing a “splash” theme.

Siam Paragon is also setting the stage for entertainment with the ‘World Stage – Music Festival,’ a platform that gathers famous artists to add vibrancy to the festivities by JOOX Music.

Concurrently, Siam Paragon is bringing revered ancient Buddha statues, to be enshrined for public veneration. This auspicious opportunity is offered to all for garnering good fortune during the Thai New Year Festival and will be accessible for worship from April 12-16, 2024, at the Fashion Hall on the 1st floor of Siam Paragon.

Siam Center is set to embrace the summer festival season with the “Siam Center Splashtastic Fun Fest,” spotlighting the newest trends in ‘Fashion & Innovation’ such as Water Interactive Screen’ and ‘3D Aquatic Installation’ which is scheduled from April 1-30, 2024.

A special highlight of the event is the showcase of fashion and design through an exclusive collection curated by Thai and emerging new-generation designers. This collection places a spotlight on Thai batik, a wisdom of Thai craftsmanship, reimagined in a contemporary style.

Siam Discovery is preparing to embrace the summer festival with the event themed “Siam Discovery: The Summer Exploratorium,” scheduled from April 3-16, 2024. This event extends an invitation to all under the motto ‘Come Play with Us,’ focusing on sports and street art. The shopping center is setting the venue for a ‘3×3 Basketball Tournament’, attracting over 100 teams, including superstars, celebrities, artists, and national team athletes, to compete. Alongside this, a ‘Splash Party’ will enhance the atmosphere with light and sound displays from screens surrounding the competition area, complemented by a variety of other activities.

Other highlights of the event feature renowned Korean street artist JAYFLOW, who will bring his creativity to craft street art basketball characters infused with the lively spirit of the Songkran Festival for all to enjoy. Additionally, visitors can browse new fashion collections from Thai designers, specially crafted to celebrate the Songkran Festival.

ICONSIAM, in collaboration with government and private sector partners, is organizing Thailand’s grand Songkran event, “THE ICONIC SONGKRAN FESTIVAL 2024 ICONSIAM Miraculous Chao Phraya Maha Songkran 2024.” This year’s festival is themed “THE ICONIC SPLASH FESTIVAL Miraculous Songkran World Heritage,” and is set to take place from April 10-21, 2024. The festival will showcase the rich tapestry of customs and traditions, aiming to welcome tourists from across the globe with a blend of hospitality and contemporary Thai entertainment.

By transforming the River Park area into a venue for a grand Songkran celebration, the event is designed not only to create a momentous occasion but also to elevate Songkran in Thailand to the status of a world-class festival by celebrating Thai cultural heritage and blending it with contemporary elements. Participants will be treated to the elegant and stunning Miss Songkran parade, showcasing traditional Thai beauty. To foster good fortune, attendees will have the chance to pour water over the city’s sacred Buddha image. Additionally, the festivities include enjoying the vibrant Songkran water splashes along the Chao Phraya River and being entertained by performances from top music artists.

Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok is launching a campaign to commemorate the Songkran Festival, featuring special promotions from top brands exclusively for tourists.

Everyone is invited to partake in the “World Water Festival: The Songkran Phenomena.” Come join the ONESIAM Experience in embracing the enchantment of the Songkran Festival and welcoming the vibrant hues of summer all through April. 

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