People’s Assembly: Martyrs Day is a remarkable symbol of sacrifice

The People’s Assembly affirmed that the Martyrs Day is a remarkable symbol of sacrifice and defense of the homeland, as the fighters wrote the most beautiful pages of glory and courage in the face of the brutal Ottoman occupier at the time.

In a statement to SANA on the occasion of the 107th anniversary of Martyrs’ Day The Assembly stressed that Syrians have received the message of their fathers and grandfathers and carried the legacy with honor and loyalty, offering many martyrs in the face of the treacherous Ottoman occupier, then in the face of the cruel French colonialist and the usurping Zionist entity, confirming their sincere love for their country, their deep attachment to their land and their will to face to injustice and aggression.

The Assembly added that “after more than 12 years of an atrocious universal war imposed by the forces of evil, aggression and terrorism, followed by unjust embargo sanctions against our people, we have succeeded to face all this with determination, perseverance and strength, achieving many victories inspired by lessons of the 6th of May, with our complete belief of inevitability of reaching to the final victory,”.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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