Perfection Realized: LG SIGNATURE Ultra-Premium Home Appliances Redefine Meaning Of Quality

Finest Technologies, Premium Materials and an Emphasis on Craftmanship  Make LG SIGNATURE Products a Cut Above the Rest

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Each LG SIGNATURE product represents a focus on delivering the very best and a level of care that is unmatched in the industry. Synonymous with the highest quality, cutting-edge technologies, and incomparable style, the LG SIGNATURE lineup is built upon the skill and devotion of engineers and designers who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of perfection. Discerning consumers the world over prize LG SIGNATURE’s innovative luxury products for their elegance, exclusivity and unparalleled reliability.

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Constantly Evolving Technology Matched with Design of the Highest Standard

LG SIGNATURE takes an uncompromising approach to product design, revealing a determination to capture the essence of each and every appliance it creates. Nowhere, perhaps, is this more apparent than in the brand’s TVs, which offer ultra-sleek aesthetics backed by cutting-edge display technologies. From the G series, with its slim tempered-glass panels that appear to be floating on air, to the W series and its impossibly thin wallpaper design (3.85mm depth), to the world’s first rollable TV: LG SIGNATURE is blazing a trail and redefining the television category in the process.

The Art of Essence and the purity of LG SIGNATURE’s vision can also be seen in its latest refrigerator. Designed to deliver excellence where temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum, the InstaView Door-in-DoorTM feature makes food last even longer by reducing the number of door opening. According to LG-conducted research into U.S. consumer behavior, a family of four opens their refrigerator door around 66 times per day – 32 of those for no specific reason – causing significant cold air loss. Keeping the cool air inside where it belongs, this innovative feature reduces the need to open the door; the sleek mirrored-glass panel on the front of the fridge becomes transparent with two simple knocks, allowing users to see inside.

Providing a minimalist design and the best performance, the LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine was born of engineers’ unrelenting efforts to bring the best technological performance without sacrificing the designers’ vision. The washing machine has a tempered black glass door, positioned at a 17-degree angle for maximum user convenience and at-a-glance readability. The ergonomic door’s perfectly circular shape represents one and a half years of hard work and exhaustive trials, the final result being equal parts aesthetic perfection and human-centered technological triumph.

Timeless Materials for a Premium Finish and Unmatched Durability

No matter the cost, LG SIGNATURE is unwavering in its commitment to the use of premium materials. LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine has a porcelain enamel coating featuring paint particles that make the appliance resistant to corrosion and marking. For even greater durability, the porcelain enamel coating is applied at around 700-degrees Celsius, approximately four-times higher than the temperature at which a conventional porcelain enamel coating is baked on.

Meanwhile, LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator comes with a body constructed from Type 304 stainless steel, which is often used in high-end kitchen utensils for its resilience. Never out of style, the corrosion-resistant Type 304 stainless steel and its metallic shine are further protected by a coating that prevents fingerprints.

Products Made with Care and Accuracy in the Tradition of True Craftsmanship
Unlike most products – manufactured at a fast-pace in a largely automated process – LG SIGNATURE appliances are created in limited quantity runs, where perfection is strived for and more time is taken. While a company might typically produce more than 1,000 washing machines per day, LG SIGNATURE caps production at 25 units daily. LG SIGNATURE Refrigerators are also manufactured on a separate production line at a rate of 25 units per day to ensure the superior quality the brand demands and its loyal customers expect.

Precision engineered, every single LG SIGNATURE product must meet the most stringent internal standards and is put through a rigorous evaluation process with a wide range of testing. Compared to other washing machines, LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine is measured against an additional 61 test criteria and is subject to a more in-depth inspection.

Following a close examination of each component, extensive quality tests are conducted on all LG SIGNATURE products. It takes 168 hours for an LG SIGNATURE TV to go through the brand’s comprehensive Aging Test, an indispensable part of Quality Assurance (QA) where each unit must pass a battery of assessments, including extended screen play, turning on and off repeatedly and channel control, to ensure performance and durability. Further tests are conducted at a later stage, where each new TV is placed under simulated viewing conditions as an additional quality safeguard. Only those products able to meet LG SIGNATURE’s exacting standards of excellence are released for distribution and sale.

With exclusive products of the highest quality, LG SIGNATURE continues to provide consumers seeking the very best with ultra-premium solutions for the luxury lifestyle. LG SIGNATURE is the brand where Art Inspires Technology, Technology Completes Art, and the word “compromise” is never, ever spoken.


LG SIGNATURE is the first ultra-premium brand across multiple product categories from global innovator LG Electronics. Catering to the most discerning consumers, LG SIGNATURE is designed to provide a state-of-the-art living experience that feels pure, sophisticated and luxurious. Combining the very best of everything LG has to offer, the distinctive LG SIGNATURE products were designed with their true essence in mind – streamlined to focus on each product’s essential function while maintaining the LG SIGNATURE’s modern, signature design.

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