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PMU to Hold ‘State of Foresight Studies in the World’ Conference on May 26-27

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU), in cooperation with the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and in coordination with the National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, will host a two-day conference on “The State of Foresight Studies in the World” at the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Rabat, Morocco.

Representatives of ISESCO member states experts and specialists in foresight studies from different countries will participate in the conference. President of PMU and holder of UNESCO Chair on Foresight Studies Dr. Issa bin Hassan Al-Ansari, as the keynote speaker, will deliver a speech at the conference addressing the importance of foresight studies in being ready and preparing for the future and the importance of teaching young people about these studies in the early stages of education.

The conference will focus on encouraging a culture of foresight and future studies and their significance in making strategic decisions that contribute to understanding and changing the future for the proper implementation of policies through strategic decision-making, especially with the great demographic boom in the world, which is expected to reach 9.7 billion people in 2050, which pushes various actors and public stakeholders to think about the future strategically.

Source: Saudi Press Agency