Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital (“Blue like an Orange”) is pleased to announce that AXA has acquired a 20% stake in the company

LUXEMBOURG, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blue like an Orange is pleased to announce that AXA has acquired a 20% stake in its capital. AXA has supported its development from the outset by being one of the first investors to commit to “Latin America Fund I”, the first sub-fund of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital Fund SICAV-SIF SCS. AXA wishes to confirm, with this equity investment, a long-term and strategic commitment. Thanks to this support, Blue like an Orange will be able to continue and accelerate its development as set out four years ago when the company was incorporated: to become a reference in sustainable and impact investment in emerging and developing countries.


Bertrand Badré, Managing Partner and founder of Blue like an Orange commented, “With my partners Rashad Kaldany and Emmanuelle Yannakis, and the entire Blue like an Orange team, we are delighted to continue the pioneering work we started in 2017 with AXA’s support. By building on our expertise in structured debt, our knowledge of emerging and developing markets and our ability to work with public development institutions, we intend to contribute to putting sustainable investment at the heart of investment strategies in the future. This is an important step and a strong signal to our impact partners and beyond.”

Pascal Christory, Chief Investment Officer of the AXA Group, commented: “We are pleased to invest alongside the experienced and successful team of Blue like an Orange. Their approach to put finance at the service of more inclusive and sustainable growth fits perfectly with AXA’s ambition to have a positive social and environmental impact through its investment policies.”

In addition, AXA has confirmed an investment in the second sub-fund (“Latin America Fund II”) and is therefore an anchor investor.

About Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital

Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital finances companies and projects that offer both strong risk-adjusted returns and positive social impact in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital focuses primarily on financing sustainable infrastructure, technology services, social infrastructure, agriculture, and financial inclusion. The Company strives to foster inclusive and sustainable growth while providing market-based financial returns. The Managing Partners of Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital are Bertrand Badré, Rashad Kaldany and Emmanuelle Yannakis.

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