Huawei’s first 5G OpenLab

BEIJING, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A news and video report by on the “Huawei’s first 5G OpenLab” in Seoul, South Korea:

Huawei is one of the world’s leading players in developing 5G technology. Apart from expanding its global market, the company is also engaged in building a healthy 5G ecosystem and driving ICT development locally.

At its 5G OpenLab in South Korea’s capital city of Seoul, we had the chance to experience how 5G technology is changing the way we work and play.

Our video host Laura Zheng will take you to experience how 5G technology is changing the way we work and play.

Host Laura Zheng: Cloud PC is an Internet-based computing method. In this way, shared hardware and software resources and information can be provided to various terminals and other devices of the computer on demand, using computer infrastructure provided by the service provider for computing and resources.

Host Laura Zheng: Cloud game is a cloud-based game mode. In the cloud game mode, all games run on the server side, and the rendered game screen is compressed and transmitted to the user through the network.

Host Laura Zheng: Cloud Virtual Reality (Cloud VR) introduces the concept and technology of cloud computing and cloud rendering into VR business applications. With a high-speed and stable network, the cloud display output and sound output are encoded and compressed. The device is transmitted to the user’s terminal device to implement VR service content and rendering on the cloud.

Host Laura Zheng: Huawei said the OpenLab is designed to provide 5G testing environments and interoperability services for small-and-medium enterprises and local startups. In the lab, Huawei has deployed end-to-end 5G network equipment, including the latest 5G base stations, core networks, and transport networks, for its partners to use for free. The company has also pledged to invest more in the OpenLab.


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