International Medical Innovation and Cooperation Forum held in Fangchenggang City

FANGCHENGGANG, China, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As reported by CRI Online: Recently, the International Medical Innovation and Cooperation Forum (China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization), co-sponsored by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Good-Neighborly Friendship and Cooperation Committee and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was held in Fangchenggang City.

China and India held a round table during the International Medical Innovation and Cooperation Forum. Photograph by Tang Yingqian

This is the first time that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has organized an international medical innovation and cooperation forum, with the theme of health, cooperation, innovation, sharing and building a platform for medical innovation and cooperation under the framework of the SCO.

Topics such as national health, disaster relief, disease prevention and control, medical services, traditional medicine, health management, medical and nursing, medical education and scientific research, and medical personnel exchanges were discussed, and a broad consensus was reached.

Multiple cooperation agreements were reached in the Forum. The Fangchenggang Declaration of the International Medical Innovation Cooperation Forum (China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization) was also released. It pointed out that the Forum decided to establish the “China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Medical Innovation and Cooperation Committee” in Shanghai, China.

The Forum welcomes the participants in the initiative to establish the “International Medical Open Experimental Zone (China)” in Fangchenggang City, and believes this experimental zone will provide unprecedented opportunities for regional and national medical cooperation.

Fangchenggang City has proposed the idea of “one district and two cities”, namely advocating the establishment of an international medical open experimental zone across the city, creating an international pharmaceutical manufacturing town and an international medical and health-care town in the experimental zone, which includes a China-India pharmaceutical manufacturing industrial park, US-Europe new special medicine manufacturing industrial park and Russian pharmaceutical industrial park.

As of now, Fangchenggang City is promoting the construction of a 67-hectare China-India pharmaceutical manufacturing industrial park.

More than 800 government officials, medical specialists and scholars from 21 countries such as the Philippines, Thailand and Ukraine participated in the forum. The participants are all SCO member states, observer countries and dialogue partners.

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