Poverty in Lebanon and How to Fight It. “Economics by Mona” and Their Activities

BEIRUT, LEBANON / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2019 / Lebanon is a country flooded with poverty. Twenty five percent of the citizens in Lebanon live under the poverty line. Children who come from poor families are less likely to find education. The poor level of the education yields low skill sets and leads to a lacking preparation for adulthood. Consequently, most of these children do not have the knowledge of how to balance their finances or how to overcome poverty.

“Economics by Mona” aspires to contribute to advancing the Lebenese economy. As “Economics by Mona” states on their website – “The aim of “Economics by Mona” is to assist the Lebanese people in bettering their understanding of the economy of their region. In order to properly manage their expenses and ways to find better employment.”

The Activities of the Organization Includes:

– Publishing labor and employment fairs.

– Updates about the local economy.

– Publishing employment advice and seminars.

– Economics advice, lectures, and articles.

About the CEO of “Economics by Mona”:
Naif Maarouf immigrated from Beirut to London in 1990 in order to study Economics. Despite the distance from his home country, he never forgot the poverty he had experienced. As a result, he decided to take action for his people and to establish “Economics by Mona”.

Despite the Lebanese people’s best efforts – who are fighting for their livelihood , they are still in deep poverty. Our organization is fighting to change the current situation and to support the Lebanese struggle.

Naif Maarouf



SOURCE: Economics By Mona

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