SKYWORTH ignites the future of AIoT at IFA 2019

BERLIN, Sept. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SKYWORTH, the pioneer in big-screen AIoT and a leading appliance manufacturer, unveiled its full line of new smart household appliances at IFA 2019 in Berlin. The new line demonstrates SKYWORTH’s commitment in leading the industry under the new AIoT era.


This year’s IFA was all about “Connectivity”. With voice control and artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more prevalent, household appliances have also started combining and connecting the functions and features of several devices via AIoT to enable consumers with linking everything at their finger-tips. As a leading innovator in the industry, SKYWORTH fully leverages its proprietary Swaiot® system to build to a wide spectrum of smart home appliances. This perfectly resonates with SKYWORTH’s vision in developing an innovative hub for consumers with the application of AIoT, enabling them to embrace the future brought by the AIoT era.

Swaiot® is an open big-screen AIoT ecosystem. Connecting not only SKYWORTH’s but also any third party smart devices. With the Swaiot® system in place, consumers can conveniently connect and control their smart home ecosystem – such as the smart kitchen and bathroom system, smart refrigerator and laundry system and smart lighting system – creating a holistic and vibrant smart living world.

SKYWORTH’s latest home appliances displayed at this year’s IFA comprise of 21 products across the refrigeration and washing machine categories, creating an all-round smart living world empowered by the SKYWORTH Swaiot® Smart World AIoT ecosystem.

Earlier this year, the company also announced its new roadmap in pushing forward its AIoT capabilities on the global arena. By sharing its resources in technologies, manufacturing plants, supply chains and contents, the company is establishing many win-win collaborations with high-end brands in the industry to promote corporate values and cultures. By means of this branding exercise, SKYWORTH is well-positioned in becoming a pioneer of the industry in the transformation of big-screen AIoT at a global level.

“The development of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things will continue full throttle, thanks to the advent of 5G,” said Mr. Tony Wang, Chairman & President of SKYWORTH TV. “AIoT will undoubetly become the next battlefield for companies who wish to take lead in the industry. SKYWORTH will continue to evolve and reinvent the standard of smart living.”


SKYWORTH Digital Holdings Limited (HKG: 00751) is a leading supplier of uniquely advanced and affordable technology solutions. Founded in 1988, it is now one of the top five color TV brands in the world, with exports exceeding USD76 million in 2018, and a top brand in Chinese display industry market. It is also a top three global provider of the Android TV platform.
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