Prime Minister: Qatar Does Not Interfere in Any Country’s Affairs, Supports Peoples Freedom

Doha, September 19 (QNA) -HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani has  expressed the hope that there will be a solution to the Syrian crisis despite the difficult conditions there, stressing that he trusts in the efforts the UN-Arab League envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi. but he said he does not trust the intentions of the other party.
In an interview with the Kuwaiti  daily newspaper  Al Rai published in its today’s edition, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim also expressed fear that Brahimi’s mission would be exploited in a bad way and thus be an opportunity for more killings in Syria.
On  US hesitating stance and President Barack Obama was not taking decisive positions towards the Syrian file,  HE Prime Minister and Foreign Minister said he believed that “in the end there will be a solution in the interest of the Syrian people, but the question is when and how?, he added  noting that the US elections are nearing and also  that  there are different attitudes by other countries, but in the end I expect that all  must  make a decision for the interest of the Syrian people.” HE the Premier and Foreign Minister added.

 On  changes witnessed by the Qatari-Lebanese relations recently since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, said  ” As I know  if  what has happened today, occurred in 2006 in Lebanon, and despite all the differences in views, HH Emir would take the same decision for the reconstruction of what had been destroyed by Israel, the decision taken by HH the Emir is unwavering principle and not  changing by  locations. “, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister underlined.
He added that “the decision taken by Qatar to extend help to Lebanon  was  its  contribution to the reconstruction of what  had been destroyed by Israel  and in support of  the Lebanese brave resistance , and we are not repentant at any position, said HE the Premier and Foreign Minister. He said:   Our constant, firmed and principled position  in the United Nations is  with Lebanon and with the resistance,  despite differing views or emotions on Syria, we also had a special relations with Syria  but  this will not be at the expense of the Syrian people, and for  those who disagree or agree with us  in Lebanon or elsewhere, we said history will be the judge in these matters. “, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister noted
On  the relations  with Lebanese ruling majority today, led by Hezbollah, HE Prime Minister and Foreign Minister said : “Our relationship with Hezbollah is not bad, but there is a difference in views, He added  our point of view is  clear, and we may vary with a friend or an enemy or any other party. HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim  stressed :  “Our official relations is through the Lebanese state  and not any other party, we’ve assisted the Lebanese people and not any party. “
On  reports  that  Qatar is  no longer receive or employ Lebanese Shi’a because of  the Hezbollah position  Lebanon, HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister denied  that, saying, “This is not true.”   
On protests in reaction to the film offending the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), HE the Premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani  believed that there were motives behind such  acts. He said :  “If there is a word more than bad,  I would say it about  this offending  film, what happened was unjustified and unacceptable offence to every Muslim, he stressed,  but we must look for the roots of this act, which was intended for making  strife between Copts and Muslims in Egypt, I would do not rule out the presence of actors behind this sedition, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister said :  He  added  in order for us be realistic, we have to know that  the US administration has no interest  to be involved in this matter , and I’m sure that  it has nothing to do with it.  ” We have to think carefully about it and its  timing which aimed at stirring confrontations, I say that and I see that the person who made this film is a person without values and  even has  evil thoughts. “,  HE the Premier and Foreign Minister said.

Regarding new Qatari investment opportunities or important deals, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister said that the concerned authorities are always studying new things, but for legal considerations, they are only announced after being sealed.
On  reports that Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) being interested in the acquisition of  shares in Kuwaiti financial institutions, HE Sheikh Hama bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that QIA did not seek that, however, there are Qatari companies investing in the Kuwaiti market, and Kuwaiti Companies investing in the Qatari market, adding that it is a positive situation and a source of strength to the GCC countries.
On whether the Qatari investment have achieved the desired end thereof, HE the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister said that the investment projects, are going according the plan drawn, asserting that they are not intended for show-off, but rather for achieving additional financial revenue that is meant to be saved for future generations.
On  the accusations  that Qatar  supports  the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, HE the Premier and Foreign Minister said   these are  rumors, and we know very well who spread  them, he added.
On reports that Qatar supported the Muslim Brotherhood to rule in Egypt, and the negative impact of that on Qatar’s relations with some of the Gulf States, HE  the Premier and Foreign Minister said that Qatar has no  problem with anyone, as it maintains balanced relationships with all parties, and this does not affect the relationship with Gulf States. He added that Qatar openly announced that it supports  peoples freedom to choose  who rule  them  through elections.
Regarding rumors about support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he reiterated  that Qatar maintains balanced relationships with all parties, and that its stance in supporting any cause is not undisclosed, adding that it is rather very clear. I do not think that any GCC country does not respect Qatar’s opinion on  major causes, and likewise, Qatar respects theirs, said HE the Premier.
On his last meetings with Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi and Bashar Al-Assad, HE Sheikh Hama bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that he met with Saddam Hussain in 2003 where he had told him that the war by US and its allies was coming and that he had to choose between Iraq’s survival and his own. HE added that he had proposed, to Saddam, a transitional period and briefed Saddam on all its details. One day we will reveal that, he added.
HE the premier said that he had also met with Al-Assad. He said that he did not meet with Gaddafi, he only had telephone conversations with him where, he added, he offered him advice to which Gaddafi did not listen.
HE the Premier said that any president that spares his country and people from destruction and death is a brave president. He said that there is a point where this president and his people can reach to solutions, adding that what matters is that these solutions need to be genuine and addressing the people’s demands of reforms.

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