DOHA, Qatar announced approval of a draft law on permanent residency card, for non-Qataris.

The announcement came, during a regular meeting of the Qatari cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Thani.

The draft law stated that, the ministry of interior will establish a committee, to consider requests of granting permanent residency identity cards for foreigners, the report said.

Under the draft law, non-Qataris will be allowed to get medical treatment and education in government institutions, as well as other privileges.

According to the report, the law will also offer permanent residency card to children of a Qatari woman married to a non-Qatari, in addition to foreigners, who provide valuable services to the country, and people with unique capacities that meet Qatar’s needs.

Qatar has enacted a series of laws, to promote human rights, particularly, after the Arab quartet’s decision last Jun, to cut diplomatic ties with Doha and impose economic sanctions on the tiny Gulf state, amid accusations of it financing terrorism – a claim Qatar rejects.

Earlier, Qatar announced a number of draft laws that aim to facilitate and attract foreign investments to the country. On May 26, Qatar approved a draft law, allowing non-Qatari investors to invest 100 percent capital, in all sectors.

Source: Nam News Network

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