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Qianze BDAI Technology Debuts in Korea

Showcases Technology at AI EXPO KOREA

SEOUL, South Korea, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the AI EXPO Korea, organized by the Korean AI Association and AI Media Korea, was successfully held in the COEX convention center in Seoul, attracting more than 100 exhibitors, including sponsors Intel, IBM as well as Qianze Asset Management Limited. This is the second year running in which the three-day exhibition was held, and it is quickly becoming the leading AI exhibition, with companies from across the globe participating and showcasing their AI technology to thousands of visitors daily.  It is the ultimate marketing venues for customers who want to improve business efficiency and create new business models through AI technology.

Second from right: Qianze Managing Director Blake Yeung at the opening ceremony

As part of Qianze’s global expansion plans, the Chinese firm was eager to showcase its technology at the AI EXPO Korea. Qianze Managing Director Blake Yeung was invited to be part of the exhibition’s opening ceremony (picture). During the ceremony opening speech, Blake Yeung expressed his views on current AI landscape and how it would influence the financial world, “The biggest breakthrough of AI in the future will be in the finance sector. AI and block chain technology will dominate the future of new financial development. It is of utmost importance that we continue to develop and nurture groundbreaking AI technology. Qianze fully intends to be an integral player in the development of AI innovations.”

Qianze also conducted an AI seminar on July 19, attracting over a thousand enthusiastic participants, during which the concepts of Big Data + Artificial Intelligence (BDAI) technology was discussed. Among the guest speakers were Blake Yeung, Qianze Director of System Security Andrei Petrov and Qianze Korean regional director Jack Luo.

The successful conclusion of both events represents a significant step in Qianze’s quest to firmly establish itself in Korea, as well as a definitive statement that Qianze is now ready to step on the international stage.

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