Will collaborate on providing local talents with mentoring, internships and training programs

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between QU and Louis Berger Egis Rail Joint Venture on March 28 to provide young students with mentoring, internships and training programs to enhance their potential and create opportunities for their career advancement.

The MoU was signed by QU VP for Academic Affairs Dr Omar Al-Ansari, Louis Berger Senior Vice President and Managing Director Middle East North Africa Mr Belal Deiranieh and Qatar Egis Country Manager Mr Alexandre Busson, in the presence of French Ambassador to Qatar H.E. Eric Chevallier, officials from QU, Louis Berger and Egis Rail, and representatives from the US Embassy in Qatar.

The MoU aims to strengthen the collaborative relationship between QU and Louis Berger Egis Rail Joint Venture, providing a foundation to fulfill the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 such as the development and sustainability of the society and economy.

The terms of the MoU include collaboration between QU and Louis Berger Egis Rail Joint Venture on the exchange of experiences and information including publications, periodicals, studies, statistics and data, as well as the organization of studies, conferences, meetings and training.

In his remarks, Dr Omar Al-Ansari said: We are pleased to sign today this memorandum of understanding with Louis Berger Egis Rail Joint Venture to support the exchange of experiences and information, the implementation of joint research, and the organization of conferences. QU is committed to foster links with the various sectors of society and to keep abreast of the various needs of the labor market. This helps the University to establish a clearer vision when developing strategic plans related to its colleges and academic programs in line with its role to equip the labor market with high professional competencies who will contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.

H.E. Eric Chevallier said: France is strongly committed to human capital development in Qatar. This MoU is a new demonstration of it. And there will be others.

Mr Belal Deiranieh said: We are proud to be here today and it’s an honor to be signing this MoU with Qatar University. We welcome the collaboration with Qatar University and look forward to bringing in innovative and talented young minds, both students and graduates, into the transportation industry. The principal aim of the MoU is to recruit and develop Qatar University’s graduates and students by placing them into development roles on transportation projects. By way of on-the-job training, the graduates and students will experience actual construction and project delivery, a great opportunity for young minds to relate classroom education with practical experience. In addition to the learning aspect, the opportunity will provide Qatari students and graduates the opportunity to contribute to their country’s growth.

Mr Alexandre Busson said: Egis Rail believes that the signing of this MoU will strengthen the collaboration between Egis Rail and QU to provide new opportunities for Qatari graduates to contribute to fulfilling the goals set by Qatar National Vision 2030. This MoU sets out the grounds of the professional collaboration between the parties and the students, which will result in specialized and sophisticated programs to facilitate the placement of QU’s graduates and engineering graduates into roles in Qatar.

Source: Qatar University