Real Realm Collaborations for the best Gaming Experience

Real Realm’s Partners and Investors

Real Realm’s Partners and Investors

SINGAPORE, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Real Realm (RISE Studio) is a Free-to-earn blockchain-based war strategy game that enables the players to enjoy the gameplay with various NFTs into relentless battles. Along with diverse features, various battle modes, players emerge themselves in Real Realm Universe to experience the great game while earning enormous benefits.

Real Realm would like to introduce you to our partnership portfolio today. This way of cooperation and collaboration is one of the key elements in the Real Realm business development strategy.

Partners Portfolio

Real Realm team is a connection of skillful members who are experts in the field of game development as well as Blockchain technology with the cooperation of passionate individuals.

With Real Realm, we wanted to combine blockchain technology and the gaming mechanism, inside of the game users will be using the Real tokens to purchase new things. That will be one of our features.

We also offer tournaments, NFT battles where users can bet on who’ll be the winner and at the end earn more tokens if they win.

We’re confident about our rich content with many different types of NFT heroes, battle modes, runes. The game has so much variety of features.

From technical development to media strategy, we have a broad portfolio of partners. Because in Real Realm we believe partnership is one of the important keys to a successful product.

We also would like to mention more about our recent partner Lotus Capital.

Lotus Capital

Lotus Capital is the leading Crypto Fund in the Middle East. It’s an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and academics.

They have unparalleled access to the most innovative projects in the blockchain space. Some of their great features are;

Deep Network
Obtain Institutional, Enterprise and Government partnerships in the Middle East and Globally

Geographical Distribution
Direct access to a community of 30k crypto users in the Middle East

Node Running
Geographical Validator Nodes & Staking Solutions

Arabic Marketing
Marketing and growth hacking efforts in MENA region and in online forums

We’re very glad to sign a partnership agreement with them also please let us know, what do you think about our recent partnership deals and with which companies do you like us to make a partnership deal.

Media Contact: Ms. Khanh Pham - CMO of Real Realm

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