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Saudi Projects in Vital Sectors Advance Socotra Development

SOCOTRA, Yemen, Jan. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) is implementing a series of vital projects in the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra in a variety of sectors, including water, energy, health, transportation, education and fisheries. The program also helps the island’s residents during the cyclones and tropical storms that often strike Socotra and result in torrential rains and damaging floods. These projects meet the needs of the people of this Yemeni island, positively impact services in all sectors, and contribute to improved daily living standards and greater job opportunities through the work they make available.


In light of the shortage of water to homes and public facilities and frequent water cuts in Socotra Governorate, SDRPY has worked on a number of water resource management projects in the province. These come in the form of monthly supplies of diesel to run water pumps; water network, dam, reservoir, and water tank and tower construction; well drilling; and water tanker supplies. They have helped address the need for safe drinking water, provided water for livestock and agricultural irrigation, and generally improved the lives of the people of the archipelago.


SDRPY has established special energy resource management projects on Socotra, boosting the efficiency of the provincial electricity sector. The program has completed work on the 3.75 MW Hadibu Power Station, which includes the main plant building as well as fuel tanks, and the program has also provided the plant with oil derivatives and backup generators to prevent power outages. SDRPY also has an integrated electric power station project in the Qulansiyah district, supplying buildings, tanks and generators.


Through the program, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has supported Socotra Governorate’s health sector with specific projects, including improvement of the Maternity and Child Care Center, now equipped under the program with modern laboratory devices and intensive care equipment. The program has also furnished Socotra Hospital with beds, supplies and a fully equipped ambulance, and has connected the facility to the public electricity grid. SDRPY has worked to rehabilitate and restore Najd Health Center and Amdhen Health Center, endowing both with medical equipment.


In view of the strategic location of Socotra Island, the transportation sector has received support from SDRPY in the form of development of its port, aimed at increasing capacity and efficiency. This assistance has been positively reflected in the volumes of medical materials, commercial cargo and humanitarian aid flowing through the port since the project was established.


SDRPY has established four schools on Socotra: Serdahen School, Qulansiyah School, Moan ibn Jabal School in Qadhib and Ali Bin Abi Talib School in Demahd. The program has also supplied eight school buses and printed new textbooks for these centers of learning.


In support of sustainable food production, the program has implemented special projects in the fisheries sector to benefit fishermen affected by cyclones and tropical storms that have hit the province. Support includes the provision of 100 new fishing boats with modern outboard motors to replace those lost at sea or destroyed.

Emergency Response and Rescue

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has spared no effort in coming to the aid of Socotra, repeatedly responding to calls for help, keeping open main and subsidiary roads subject to collapse during the cyclones that hit the island throughout the year, and working alongside local authorities to ensure public safety. SDRPY facilitates the movement of people in Socotra during cyclones and storms, operating all necessary machinery and equipment and mobilizing program specialists. SDRPY played a major role during and after the tropical cyclones Pawan, Kiyar, Luban and Mekunu.

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