Syria gains two bronze medals at International Mendeleev chemistry Olympiad

Two students of National Chemistry Team obtained on Saturday two bronze medals at 2023 International Mendeleev chemistry Olympiad , which was held in Kazakhstan with the participation of 113 students from 21 countries.

The Distinction and Creativity Agency said in a statement to SANA that the two bronze medals were won by two students, Salama Abdul Nasser Omran and Salman Iyad al-Darwish from Homs province, after they succeeded in passing two theoretical exams and a scientific one.

The Agency pointed out that this is the fifth participation of the students of the Syrian Science Olympiad in the Mendeleev International Chemistry Olympiad, which is considered one of the most important international competitions, and the Syrian Olympiad achieved five bronze medals during the previous participations.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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