Syrian community in Moscow: Crocus attack is a cowardly terrorist act

Moscow, Syrian community in the Russian Federation has strongly condemned the cowardly terror attack on the Crocus City Hall on the outskirts of Moscow, expressing solidarity with the friendly Russian people and the families of the victims, and its wishes for a speedy recovery for the wounded.

The community said in a statement that the despicable terrorist attack that targeted Russia and its security entails all denunciation and condemnation.

The statement stressed that the timing of the bloody terrorist attack on the concert hall in the Crocus Complex raises questions that need to be answered about the motives of this despicable act and the party behind it.

The statement considered that the moral crisis that global Zionism is going through as a result of the brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people automatically leads to the conclusion that the Zionists and their allies everywhere are the ones who benefit first and foremost from targeting stability in Russia in the circumstances of the Rus
sian-Western confrontation in Ukraine.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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