Tourism ministry and Aga Khan Network sign a joint cooperation agreement in rehabilitation and training field

Damascus, Ministry of Tourism and the Aga Khan Development Network in Syria signed on Thursday a memorandum of understanding in the field of tourism and hotel training and education in framework of the network’s non-profit humanitarian and development role.

The memorandum, signed by Minister of Tourism, Mohammad Rami Martini, and the resident representative of Aga Khan Development Network in Syria, Ghatafan Ajoub stipulates carrying out projects and programs in tourism and hotel training, education, and rehabilitation, support the quality of education according to modern educational media, and link the outcomes of tourism and hotel vocational training and education to the needs of the labor market.

The memo includes facilitating the implementation of initiatives and activities in the field of tourism and hotel training and qualification, and tourism and hotel training programs using modern and advanced training methods and hosting experts and technical specialists to train students in various tourism fields

Martini affirmed in a press statement that cooperation between Ministry of Tourism and Aga Khan Network will continue in the field of training and qualification for students in hotel schools under the age of 18 or in the university education stage, technical institutes, training and qualification centers and tourism colleges affiliated with Higher Education Ministry to facilitate their entry into the labor market with high efficiency.

Martini pointed out that the number of beneficiaries of these programs and curricula has so far reached more than 25,000 ones during the eight years.

In turn, Ajoub noted that cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism will continue in accordance with the memo which will last for three years, and focuses on the humanitarian and development aspect, which helps students and youth cope with life’s circumstances.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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