Trans Seas USA Introduces the highest levels of comfort and quality in the office seating industry with Nightingale’s Enersorb

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 1992, Nightingale took a risk. The company introduced Enersorb™ foam into its product line — a never before done move in the seating industry. It’s safe to say, given how many Nightingale chairs now boast this game changing foam, the company has never looked back.

Nightingale’s unique Enersorb™ technology provides users with unmatched comfort and support. This specialty formulated foam contains silicone surfactants and was specifically designed to allow for more uniform weight distribution to prevent bottoming out.

Trans Seas USA, LLC - Nightingale Chairs - ENERSORB™

The silicone surfactants build strength in the cell wall, making the foam more elastic and able to redistribute the applied pressure over a wider area. This subtle elastic response at the cell level allows the foam to undergo tremendous elongation without damage to the struts, while still allowing full support to a static load.

Nightingale’s Enersorb™ foam has a high resistance to bottoming out and long lifespan, keeping you in maximum comfort. Enersorb™ is extremely breathable, capable of 4-way movement, keeps cool and dry, has double wall bubbles for enhanced support and comfort and is 100% oil free.

Our revolutionary Enersorb™ foam can be found in the following application categories: Conference, Ergonomic Task, Healthcare, Guest, Executive, Drafting and Stackable. This technology is incorporated across a variety of Nightingale product series and models (either by being standard or optional) to ensure users are provided with the highest levels of comfort and quality in the office seating industry.

The foam contains silicone surfactants — instead of being petroleum based, as is typical — a substance which builds strength in the cell wall, and makes the foam more elastic in nature. This extra elasticity helps the foam withstand an abnormal amount of stress without damage to its struts.

As the Nightingale Exclusive Sales Representative for the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, Trans Seas USA has become a global leader in building their clients visions by combining access to the highest caliber of experts in both the architectural and design communities, as well as manufacturing and logistics support.  In addition to the above, Trans Seas USA has gained and maintained access to reliable sources of quality materials and continue to go above and beyond to support each of their clients at every stage of the building process, from design, delivery and supply, to after-market support.

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