UAE Ambassador visits Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Hazza Mohammed Falah Kharsan Alqahtani, the UAE Ambassador to Rwanda, has visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial and laid a wreath for victims of the 1994 massacre.

Alqahtani highlighted the efforts of President of Rwanda Paul Kagame, saying, “The values of tolerance instilled by Kagame in the Rwandan people have borne fruit in a society that is tolerant, forgetting the past and spreading a culture of tolerance among its members.”

He pointed out that 2019 is designated as the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, the country is keen to send some of its secondary and university students to Rwanda to learn how tolerance reconciled and united the country after the 1994 genocide and to learn from the experience of how Rwandans rebuilt their nation by promoting tolerance and forgiveness.

At the end of the visit, the UAE envoy donated to the fund of the Memorial and signed the visitors’ book.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs