UAE denounces terror attack on security checkpoint in Sinai, Egypt.

The United Arab Emirates has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that targeted security points in North Sinai governorate in Egypt on Tuesday night, killing seven Egyptian policemen.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, said, “The UAE expresses its vehement condemnation of these criminal acts and its principled rejection of all acts of violence and terrorism.” The UAE also reiterated its support for the sisterly Arab Republic of Egypt and expressed its firm solidarity with the government and people of Egypt in their fight against violence and extremism.

The ministry also called on the international community to close ranks and uproot the scourge of terrorism to ensure international peace and security.

”Such cowardly, terrorist acts will not weaken the resolve of Egyptian people to continue their fight against terrorism, which has no country, religion or ethics,” the ministry affirmed.

“This terrorist act is completely incompatible with all religious and humanitarian values and principles,” it added.

The ministry expressed the UAE’s condolences to the families of martyrs as well as to the government and people of Egypt.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs