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Wacaco Launches The Pipamoka, The First Nomadic Coffee Maker That Uses Vacuum Pressure To Brew Coffee

– From the creators of the beloved Minipresso and Nanopresso travel espresso makers, the Pipamoka is designed to give coffee lovers an all-in-one coffee travel experience

– The Pipamoka uses a first-of-its-kind twisting mechanism to create vacuum pressure that enables users to make a full cup of balanced coffee in two minutes

HONG KONG, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Having sold over one million portable espresso machines worldwide, Wacaco is boldly entering the portable filter coffee maker marketplace with the new Pipamoka, its first non-espresso coffee maker designed for travel—set to retail at US$46.90.

Introducing the world's first all in one vacuum pressure coffee maker. Brew and drink from a single device with the Pipamoka, a nomadic coffee maker. Simple and sturdy, this pressure brewer makes it easy and quick to fuel your days and enjoy hours of hot, freshly-brewed coffee.

The Pipamoka brewing process is unique. Users insert their ground coffee into a dedicated filter basket, add hot water to the Pipamoka, and drop the filter basket to the bottom of the Pipamoka. Using the innovative twisting mechanism, vacuum pressure is created inside the travel mug. This negative pressure generates a suction force that draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds. The coffee is then brewed directly into the insulated thermal cup where it will stay hot for hours.

The pressurized environment quickens extraction, taking only two minutes to brew a well-balanced cup of coffee. The innovative design cleverly packs all the brewing gear inside the isothermal stainless-steel cup, helping travelers save space and pack minimally

“We’ve spent over two years developing this patented coffee maker, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with our fans all over the world who have asked us for a travel-friendly way to make filter-style coffee on their adventures,” said Hugo Cailleton, Co-Founder of Wacaco.

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“Between the all-in-one design, the vacuum pressure features and the ability to extract long coffee, cold brew or espresso-style coffee, the Pipamoka is a truly unique brewer that will help all kinds of coffee lovers enjoy their preferred coffee drinks anytime, anywhere.”

Wacaco creates innovative portable coffee makers designed to give everyday coffee lovers the minimal tools and energizing caffeine they need to go wherever their wanderlust takes them.

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