WGVS: World’s Greatest Videos announces $1,000,000 USD* grand prize for 2019

Global community members upload, vote on, follow and share videos; compete for 6,500+ annual prizes

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – New Year’s Eve celebrations are always memorable; however, this year’s celebration will prove momentous for WGVS: World’s Greatest Videos ™. After all, many are predicting WGVS will be the next internet company to experience worldwide, explosive growth.

WGVS marks the first time a company has combined video-sharing, social media engagement and a big prize game show contest in one technology platform. And as if that were not enough to get everyone’s attention, the addition of a $1,000,000 USD* yearly grand prize certainly will.

This global, viral video site has an app-driven countdown and continually running weekly, monthly and yearly contests. By providing major and minor prizes for user-driven, user-ranked short-form videos, the company is capitalizing on a growing trend: the steady migration of Gen Z and Millennials from traditional television viewing to app engagement on any screen.

Although the prize money is certainly a perk, company founders believe it is the site’s sense of community that will keep members coming back time and again. In addition to uploading, voting and sharing videos, members may also follow some of their favorite, amateur video producers.

From all accounts, this is just the beginning. WGVS plans to keep adding site features and improving the overall user experience.

“Our beta launch in November of 2018 was a tremendous success,” says Makayla Allen, the company’s 26-year-old president and co-founder. “Plus, we plan to launch our phone app this week, and will be adding pre-populated reactions and gamification features like badges over the next couple of months.”

WGVS users like Anne Gaw of Los Angeles, California are certainly big fans of the site. Gaw recently won a $50,000 USD* prize for her video titled “1 bird vs. 4 cows,” featuring her bird, Windy, playing miniature basketball.

“The WGVS site was fun and easy to use,” says Gaw. “There’s nothing else like it. I can’t wait to enter a new video in their contest next month!”

Gaw is certainly not alone in her passion for posting videos. With YouTube boasting some five billion video viewings daily, the anticipated interest in a company that pays for outstanding submissions should prove keen. And although the subject matter of videos submitted to WGVS is often lighthearted, the prize money is not.

The WGVS community is broken into six regions. In each one of those regions, the company will distribute 21 weekly cash prizes. Winners from weekly contests will further compete in a global, monthly contest. And, monthly contest winners from January through November will compete in a global, yearly competition throughout the month of December (with the December winner being announced at midnight GMT on Jan. 1, 2020).

“It’s an extremely exciting time,” says James Allen, CEO and co-founder of WGVS. “After spending years on research and development, focus groups, brand creation and technology testing, we’re proud to showcase the world’s best videos, and start paying people for a pastime they enjoy anyway!”

Although fun is a big part of the equation for WGVS, founders also believe they have an important role to play in making internet content, experiences and feedback more positive. When ranking videos, members will choose from among several positive reactions. However, they will not have the opportunity to demean or “bully” anyone. If they do not like a certain video, they simply do not vote for it.

“At WGVS, we know that people have an equal desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t always have an equal opportunity to do so,” says Rita Mort, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “We’re fostering a global community with a no-cost point of entry. This allows each and every member the opportunity to show us the world through his or her personal lens…and make the world a bit smaller and more enriching by doing so.”

With active, registered members in all six regions already, WGVS is proud to be the first site of its kind to “go global” on it first official day of post-beta operation. Those who wish to register for the WGVS community should visit https://wgvs.com

WGVS: World’s Greatest Videos is a global technology company, entertainment platform and brand. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the continuous, WGVS short video competition rewards talent across all cultures with recognition and major cash prizes. WGVS is the only social video platform where people across the global share and compete together – a destination and community where empowering discovery, visual communication, creativity, learning and laughter are shared by viewers and members who prove, through their lens, that “Talent Has No Borders.”

For additional information, please contact Rita Mort, Executive Vice President of Marketing, at 214-604-9058, or Rita.Mort@WGVS.com.

*$1,000,000.00 Grand Prize will be paid as an annuity of $25,000 per year over 40 years (or the winner may elect to take a one-time lump sum payment of $500,000.00 United States Dollars USD); the provider and terms of the annuity shall be selected by WGVS, and if the annuity is converted to a currency other than US Dollars (which conversion to be at WGVS sole discretion), the then-prevailing exchange rate shall be used, as quoted by WGVS’ bankers, based on the USD prize amount; any current exchange or wire fees shall be paid by the winner/recipient.

Rita Mort
Executive Vice President, Marketing
World’s Greatest Videos (WGVS)
Rita.Mort@WGVS.com; (214) 604-9058

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