“Worse Than a War Zone”: Dominica’s Prime Minister Implores World to Act, Following Hurricane Maria Tragedy

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda, September 22, 2017/PRNewswire/ –After days of silence, cut off and isolated from the rest of the world, Dominica has emerged a broken nation.

In an emotional interview this afternoon, the Prime Minister of Dominica was moved to tears as he reflected on the state and fate of his countrymen who have been left homeless and helpless by Hurricane Maria.

The small island Caribbean nation was hit with what has been described as the worst natural disaster in their nation’s history.

The Prime Minister today flew to Antigua to describe the state of the island, as communications in Dominica remain in flux, imploring the world to unite in a country’s desperate plea for help:

“I am here to speak on behalf of the 72,000 people who call Dominica their home permanently to say that every one of us needs you now.”

Prime Minister Skerrit described an unprecedented level of destruction, countless deaths and a nation completely displaced and uprooted:

“People were exposed to the elements of the hurricane, with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Every village in Dominica, every street, every cranny, every person in Dominica was impacted by the Hurricane.”

With many villages only accessible by sea and by helicopter, communities continue to be cut off from everything. When asked what was needed for the country to regroup and survive, the Prime Minister broke down in tears.

“We have never seen such destruction […] our main preoccupation now is search and rescue.”

“Everybody has received a serious beating […] every part of the country […] there were no classes as far as the hurricane was concerned.”

“Our main preoccupation now is search and rescue,” said Prime Minister Skerrit. 15 people have been buried to date, and countless others are missing.

Notable priorities in the Prime Minister’s list of necessities include helicopter services, baby supplies, water, tarpaulins, lumber, flashlights, batteries, generators, mattresses, cots, energy biscuits, and water purification kits and tablets.

The Prime Minister has decided to travel to New York to speak at the UN General Assembly and garner support from the international community – a plea to assist a country with the prospect of billions of dollars worth of debt and countless lives lost.

Contributions can be made to a relief fund established by the Dominica High Commission,, where the funds will be redirected straight to the government, and communities of Dominica.

Source: Commonwealth of Dominica