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Xinhua Silk Road: Chery’s all-new Tiggo8 wins C-NCAP five-star safety certification

Chery's all-new Tiggo8 wins C-NCAP five-star safety certification

BEIJING, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Chery’s all-new Tiggo8, a SUV model, received high score in the C-NCAP collision test and won C-NCAP five-star safety certification due to its excellent safety performance, according to the test results recently released by China Automotive Technology & Research Center.

The C-NCAP collision results reveal that the all-new Tiggo8 has exceptional performance in both front and side collisions. All airbags and air curtains are normally popped up with the safety belts tightly fastened, which effectively protect adults and children. In particular, high scores are obtained for protection of head, neck, chest, abdomen and legs. The excellent results are attributed to reference to the latest C-NCAP five-star safety standards in early-

High-strength body of all-new Tiggo8

stage design of Tiggo8.

In terms of active safety, Tiggo8 is equipped with a number of intelligent configurations, including AEB, IHC, FCW, SLA, RCTA, LDW, and HDC automatic control system.

As China’s most authoritative standard for third-party automobile safety performance testing, C-NCAP has continuously improved the testing standards since its launch. It has tightened and quantified the evaluation for children and rear-seat passengers, added the whipping test, and adopted stricter star rating. Therefore, to obtain the C-NCAP five-star safety certification, the vehicle has to have exceptional safety performance.

High-tech cabin of all-new Tiggo8

Tiggo8’s excellent performance in C-NCAP safety test is also attributed to Chery’s long-time efforts in quality control. In order to maximize product quality, Chery has built a dual-matrix lifecycle quality management system and a quality whole process management model ranging from product planning to system quality.

All-new Tiggo8

In the product R&D process, Chery has established a matrix product development model in which the product development management center and technology centers cooperate with one another, thus forming a V-shaped positive R&D system and process for vehicle development, and establishing a solid foundation for building high-quality and premium products and excellent brands.

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