Jordan, World Bank Sign Grant Agreement

Amman, Jordanian Government and World Bank (WB) have signed a grant agreement of additional fund worth 10.8 Million US Dollars.

The grant is part of supporting host communities of Syrian refugees’ project “emergency service and social resilience”, a statement by Planning and International Cooperation ministry said.

The grant was provided by the UK and Denmark through the WB’s credit fund, increasing the total international assistance for the project to $67 Million, which helped strengthening resilience of municipalities that were affected by the Syrian refugee crisis, in line with the Jordan Response Plan (JRP).

The project aims at helping several municipalities and host communities to address direct impacts of refugees and empowering municipalities to support domestic economic development through funding them to implement sub-projects. It also aims at boosting existing services such as solid waste management, rehabilitating roads and infrastructure, lighting streets, pests control, social aid, water networks and sewage systems, the statement added.

Source: Qatar News Agency