Qatar’s General Customs Authority Issue Customs Value Guide For Goods Estimate

Doha, The General Authority of Customs issued Customs Value Guide, which aims to ease the job of the authority’s good estimate department and sets a guideline for the estimate procedure of clearance companies and its employees.

In a statement issued by GAC today said that the guide is in a simple question and answer format, following the regulations and value of the customs in addition to the rules of executing them.

The authority mentioned that it issued the guide mainly to upgrade the valuing procedure and heighten the capabilities of its employees due to the importance of the customs value to determine the statistics of the mutual international trade volume which is used to envision the monetary and economical policies for the countries.

The guide covers all important customs questions such as the Qatari customs evaluations, the conditions to accept a deal’s value, the relation between the seller and buyer, the fees of insurances and shipping and other issues concerning customs valuation of goods.

Source: Qatar News Agency