Yemeni Premier Expresses Regret for Putschists' Embezzling of YR 300 billion

Aden, Rabi’II 29, 1438, Jan 27, 2017, SPA — Yemeni Premier Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher expressed deep regret, because al-Houthi and Saleh militia coup still take over than YR 300 billion, they collect from customs, taxes, excesses and profits of telecommunications, tobacco, cigarettes and cement factories, as they compel its directors to severe terror and enforce them to hand over revenues worth billions.
In a statement reported by the official Yemeni news agency, he accused rebels of extorting private industrial and service sectors, to pay more royalties, to support their military efforts, through putting commercial banks under arbitrary measures and take over a large part of their surpluses, under various names to cover their expenses of war, thus prolonging the war.
He stressed that it is time the government began delivering payment of staff salaries, in all parts of the republic, and that these funds are placed under the legitimate government authority or allocated to the payment of the salaries of some government facilities, in the areas controlled by the coup leaders, because leaving these funds under the militias control, will further damage people’s lives, as such situation allow them to buy and smuggle weapons to fight the Yemeni people.
The Premier called militia of al-Houthi the putschists to stop the illegal and illegitimate seizure of the central bank branch, in Sana’a and allow it to operate, within the framework of the central bank system and under the leadership of the new bank governor Munassar Al-Qu’aiti and its new board of directors.
19:57 LOCAL TIME 16:57 GMT