Qatar University’s (QU) Foundation Program Department of Math, the Deanship of General Studies, and the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, co-organize the first Qatar Math Day at QU, which brings all parties involved in mathematics education and research together for a day of talks, discussions and workshops.

The event was attended by Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kaabi the Dean of the General Studies and Dr. Rashid Al-Kuwari, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Also present were mathematicians and experts in the field of mathematics from Finland, the United States and Oman. In addition, 180 researchers, faculty members and teachers from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar were present.

The Dean of General Studies, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Kaabi, welcomed the attendees and the participants in his speech and said, This event comes as part of the rigorous and relentless efforts invested by Qatar University to attract those concerned with teaching and research in mathematics. We are confident that the high level of participants, both locally and from abroad, will promise stimulating discussions and rich research output that will pave the way for implementing correct teaching methodologies to advance mathematics teaching at schools and universities in Qatar.

Dr. Al- Kaabi adds that QU endeavours to recruit and retain Qatari students in the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as QU plays a significant and effective role in pushing the wheel of socio-economic development in Qatar. He says that striving for further development in teaching methodologies and related research fields is what inspires QU to support and encourage those who teach in the science discipline.

The dean praised the close collaboration between the Foundation Program Department of Math and the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. He extended his praise to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for its valuable support and contribution in enriching this event.

The Director of QU’s Foundation Program, Dr Hezam Al-Awah, emphasised the importance of the program in providing QU students with the mathematics required to complete their academic studies. He says, Various educational and higher education organizations in Qatar attended this event to showcase their respective approaches and to exchange experiences. One of the primary principles emphasized by this event is the adherence to Qatar University’s strategy which aims to raise the academic standard in accordance with the most recent international developments in this field.

Dr. Temadher AlMaadeed, Department Head of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, said this conference reinforces and fosters cooperation between the different math establishments within QU and outside QU. She adds that the first Qatar Math Day is an opportunity for all those interested in research and teaching of mathematics, and a chance for partnerships to uphold mathematics to benefit the set goals of the socio-economic development of Qatar.

Source: Qatar University