A Field Orientation Day for Farm Owners on Utilizing the Rooms of Drying Dates

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Agricultural Affairs Department, organized a Field Day on the optimal utilization of drying dates rooms. This day was organized in co-operation with the Agricultural Research Department at the researches Plant in Rawdat Al-Faras.

As part of the MME’s completion of the program through which it supports farms with rooms of drying dates, the MME organized this event which targets the various farmers and farms owners producing dates in order to familiarize, awareness-raise and guide them with hands-on explanation on carrying out the process of drying dates in the drying rooms. It is worthy to mention that 100 farms producing and marketing dates were supported.

A limited number of farm owners, engineers and experts, representing 17 farms, participated in the Field Day. The event explained the best methods of utilizing drying rooms for the post-harvest stage of dates

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment