Arab Parliament: EU Parliament’s resolution on Algeria is a blatant and unacceptable interference

Arab Parliament renewed its call on its European counterpart to immediately and completely stop appointing itself as guardian of the Arab countries, and called on it not to politicize human rights issues and use them as a pretext to interfere in Algeria’s internal affairs.

The Arab Parliament affirmed in a statement its firm rejection and strong condemnation of the statement issued by the European Parliament on “freedom of expression” in the Republic of Algeria.

The Arab Parliament stressed that the European Parliament’s resolution represents a blatant and unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Algeria and a continuation of the unacceptable approach of similar statements issued by the European Parliament on human rights in the Arab countries.

The statement also rejected the lies and misleading information included in the EU Parliament’s resolution that are not based on any facts or objective evidence.

The Parliament added that the unacceptable vocabulary and arrogant tone mentioned in the statement represents a flagrant violation of the principles of the United Nations and all international norms and laws, which affirm the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

The Parliament pointed out that the EU Parliament must respect the rules and norms of parliamentary diplomacy, and to communicate directly with the Algerian Parliament to investigate facts from reliable sources, especially since there is already a direct contact between the two sides, which is the Joint Parliamentary Committee between Algeria and the EU.

The Arab Parliament called on Algeria and other Arab countries not to pay attention to such suspicious statements, as they were issued by a party that has no authority or mandate to evaluate human rights in Arab countries.

The Arab Parliament called on its EU counterpart to live up to the level of responsibility imposed by the common interests and strategic relations that unite the EU and the Arab countries, rather than involving itself in issues that offend it as a parliamentary organization before it harms its relations with the Arab countries.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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