Civil Aviation Directorate responds to Fox News: Iranian plane landed at Beirut Airport empty, took off loaded with livestock

In an issued statement by the Lebanese Civil Aviation General Directorate on Saturday, it responded to reported news by the American “Fox News” Channel that the Iranian Airline, “Fars Qeshm”, smuggled weapons into Rafic Hariri International Airport.

Categorically denying the circulated news, the statement clarified that “Fars Qeshm is an Iranian Airline which had applied earlier to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in Lebanon on October 15, 2018, for a cargo flight between Damascus-Beirut-Doha Airports, according to the following schedule:

I) Damascus-Beirut on 16/10/2018, where the B747 Aircraft landed at Rafic Hariri International Airport at 3:00 pm local time empty of any load

II) Beirut-Doha on 17/10/2018, whereby the plane took off at 7:30 pm local time with 74 tons of livestock, after the Qatari Civil Aviation Authority agreed to the cargo.”

In this connection, the General Directorate urged the media to be vigilant in publishing any information related to Beirut Airport.

Source: National News Agency

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