In a major step towards improving traffic movement and developing infrastructure services across the country, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has said it has completed the ‘Roads and Infrastructure Development Project in the Northern Part of New Slata’, covering an area of some 1.72sq km.

The project, located in Area 40 of Doha Municipality, serves 633 land plots, including 574 built plots, 14 plots under construction and 45 empty plots. The project also serves four schools, a kindergarten, five mosques and around 70 commercial buildings, Ashghal has said in a statement.

The development of roads will “significantly facilitate access to the main streets surrounding the area, namely Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, D-Ring Road and Salwa Road, for New Slata residents and visitors”.

The project also provides a solution for the area’s rainwater flooding problems during the rainy season, Ashghal has stressed.

Source: Government of Qatar

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