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Chengdu Motor Show Witnesses Debut of New Models of GWM POER, With Sales of 200,000 Units Since Its Launch

BAODING, China, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On August 29, several new models of GWM POER made their debut and the key of the 200,000th GWM POER was handed over to the user at the 24th Chengdu Motor Show.

GWM POER’s other models such as ZHUFENG version, JICHE POER, HUO POER, DIANZHUANG POER, LVZHUANG POER, HEIDAN and LONGDAN (Transcription) were also present at the show. Different GWM POER versions can meet global users’ needs for using cars in multiple scenes and for multiple purposes.


The ZHUFENG version inherits the leading strength of GWM POER off-road pickups and is equipped with a 2.0T engine and an 8AT transmission to further strengthen its off-road capability; different driving modes are available for easy driving on hump-shaped, water-flooded and snake-shaped roads, paying tribute to the climbing spirit with sound performance; in the shock absorber structure, the front double-wishbone independent suspension and the rear multi-link suspension are used to ensure performance and comfort.

JICHE POER, a partner of motorbike riders, has a large cargo box of 2480/1520/538mm, which is equipped with a high-strength ladder chassis and a super load-bearing suspension to support the loading of a 2m- to 2.4m-long motorbike, equivalent to a super loading capacity of up to 400kg. Meanwhile, the easy-to-operate box can be dragged with a remote control winch, so a user can glide the motorbike onto the box alone. This easily solves the difficulties of motorbike riders while going out and promotes the development of motorbike culture.

Over two years, GWM POER has seized market share with strong product strength and intelligent configuration, with global sales of 200,000 units. From January to August 2021, 77,356 GWM POER were sold worldwide, up 13.4% year on year, becoming a hot-selling “new category” in the global pickup market.

In Chile, GWM POER kept increasing the sales volume of GWM pickups. After becoming the champion among the Chinese pickup brands in June, it reached a new high in July and won first place among international and domestic pickup brands.

In Saudi Arabia, GWM POER and GWM Wingle, as high-end and low-end pickups, effectively promoted GWM pickups to rank among the top three in local industry sales for two consecutive months, and to surpass some Japanese pickup brands. The market share increased steadily to 11%, ranking first among Chinese pickup brands.

Since its launch in 2019, GWM POER has reached more than 50 countries and regions like Australia, Chile, South Africa, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Russia, and recently entered emerging markets like Peru and Ecuador. Its globalization pattern has been expanding.

The new GWM POER models unveiled this time will continue to enter the global market, strongly pushing GWM pickups to rank among the global top three pickup brands, and constantly empowering GWM to realize global annual sales of 4 million units by 2025.

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