Eng. AL Mohannadi: “Taking the environmental aspect into account in the state’s development projects.”

For his part, Eng. Hassan Juma Bojumhur Al Mohannadi, Assistant Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs, stated in his speech that this year’s slogan of the World Day to Combat Desertification highlights land reclamation, while linking it to the concept of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. This shows the interrelationship between land reclamation and recovery in several aspects, notably ecosystems and biodiversity.

He noted that, considering its awareness of the importance of applying the concepts of sustainable economic growth, MME, represented by the Environmental Affairs Sector, has taken into account the environmental aspect of the land on which development projects in the State are to be implemented. Similarly, it has cared for the ecosystems these lands contain. This is part of the MME’s system of environmental procedures and environmental authorization of such projects. He added that the work was still under way to develop a national framework to combat desertification in the State of Qatar based on the principles of sustainable development and capacity-building in order to ensure that measures were taken to protect land and to make plans to combat desertification and drought at all levels national, regional or international levels.

Concluding his speech, Eng. Al Mohannadi stated his pleasure with the results achieved by the project of rehabilitation of Qatari mainland and meadows. He believed that the rehabilitation process is taking place at a constant pace with regard to the meadows affected by desertification and that these meadows are cultivated with Qatari trees in a manner that harmonizes the preservation of vegetation and the establishment of natural and cultural heritage.

Source: Ministry of Municipality and Environment