Opening of Al Sadd Street main carriageway and overall progress of upgrading works on Al Sadd Intersection reaches 40%

​The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” announces the opening of main lanes of Al Sadd Street upon completion of infrastructure works as three lanes in each direction of the carriageway were open for traffic, as part of the Road Improvement Works in Various Areas of Greater Doha – Phase 9.

The scope of overall works to be implemented within the project aim to upgrade Al Sadd Intersection, develop infrastructure utilities services in the intersection as well as intersecting streets, in addition to upgrading Al Sadd and Jawaan Street at a length of 3.2 km. Overall progress on the project has reached 40%.

On this occasion, Eng. Ali Sami Jamal, Project Engineer at Doha City Projects Section in the Roads Projects Department in “Ashghal”, emphasized the department’s keenness to accelerate the development works on the project as the main carriageway of Al Sadd Street was open for traffic six months ahead of the date scheduled for completion of all works on Al Sadd Intersection and surrounding streets with remaining works on the service road are still underway, marking the completion of surface water and stormwater drainage network lines along Al Sadd Street and the implementation and protection of infrastructure services lines such as telecommunications and electricity lines as well as laying new asphalt layers.
Eng. Ali Sami Jamal then highlighted the importance of upgrading Al Sadd Intersection as well as Al Sadd and Jawaan Streets as they are located in a congested and highly-frequented area that serve many service facilities, shops, commercial centers, and educational and health institutions.

About the remaining works, Eng. Jamal explained that in addition to carrying upgrading works on Al Sadd Intersection, works are underway to finish works on Al Sadd Street and and Jawaan Street which include providing and upgrading service roads as well as beautification and landscaping works alongside both streets and in the median. All works are scheduled to be completed in Q4 2021.

Upon completion of all works within the project, it will deliver road developments at a total length of 3.2 km on Al Sadd and Jawaan Streets in addition to their intersection to improve the traffic flow in the area at Al Sadd Intersection. The scope of works will also include the provision of 6.4 km of pedestrian footpaths and cycle paths, landscaping works, and upgrading street lighting systems of both streets.

The works of this project are part of Ashghal’s efforts to improve the existing services and utilities and upgrade the road network in Doha City to cope with the national economic development and social growth requirements in Qatar. The project is being implemented by JH Construction Company under the supervision of Gulf Engineering and Industrial Consultancy.


Source: Ashghal

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