UAE re-affirms satisfaction with formation of new government of Sudan.

The UAE has reiterated its satisfaction with the recent formation of the new government of Sudan following the signing of the Constitutional Declaration on August 17 in the presence of several world leaders.

This was stated by Ambassador Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the United Nations while addressing the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council Interactive Dialogue with Independent Expert on Sudan.

“The UAE wishes the formation of a new government in Sudan would usher the country in a fresh phase that would fructify into the establishment of the rule of law, stability and continuity of state institutions,” said Al Zaabi.

He noted that the challenges now besetting Sudan entails greater focus on meeting the country’s urgent needs, while sparing local authorities the burden of fulfilling some commitments that are difficult to honour under the current circumstances.

“Burdening Sudan with tasks like comprehensive reform programmes is an impractical demand that is difficult to meet under the current conditions due to the ongoing shortage of resources. Furthermore, such burdens contradict in essence with Sudan’s desire to host a regional Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and to launch channels of cooperation with UN agencies concerned with ensuring transition to the model of democracy long awaited by the people of Sudan”

Al Zaabi underlined UAE’s respect for the sovereignty of Sudan, asserting the necessity of preserving its stability and territorial integrity, while urging the UN Human Rights Council and the OHCHR to continue their support for Sudan under the new circumstances.

“Sudan is advancing on the right path toward establishing a political regime capable of ensuring national development and advancement and spearheading its people toward a promising and prosperous future,” he added, affirming the UAE’s support for the statement delivered by the United Nations Arab Group on Sudan.

Source: UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs