Highly anticipated JD Coin launched in Idaho to take the Crypto World by Storm

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — JD Coin, a popular player in the emerging Cryptocurrency world announced the release of their much awaited utility coin. Although relatively new in the field, JD Coin is registered with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) under US Department of Treasury. The company is listed on top 3 popular exchanges namely FatBTC, Bilaxy & Coinsbit and is also the proud Silver Partner of Voice of Blockchain, Chicago 2019.The launch was held at The State of Idaho, United States of America. Present for the launch along with other dignitaries were Founders of JD Coin, Jhon Banga, Deepak Prashar and Bhupinder Singh and you can reach out to them at https://www.jdcoin.us.

With an audience of crypto enthusiasts and crypto visionaries gathered together, you will be able to explore the scope of building knowledge and also scope of exciting business opportunities of investing in JD Coin. JD Coin has formed an effective Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program that further validates JD Coin’s credibility.

About JD Coin

With Utility as its strength, JD Coin has carved its niche in this incredible virtual world especially by aiming to provide its customers a continuous use of their coin to meet some of their real needs.

What Makes JD Coin Unique?

JD Coins focusses all its attention to change the notions that Cryptos carry as the company believes in transparency, authenticity, credibility and superiority. They aim to say a big hello to faster processing and sustainable technology by working on a mathematical formula to calculate the exact nonce or nonce closer to create the hash and complete the transaction during the mining. Not to forget to mention the most interesting fact about JD Coin is that the company is also working on the QUANTUM World to build a QUBIT Computer which will give a head –on competition to others in the field and will become the leader in the sector in the near future.

Last but not the least, with this launch, a mark towards a successful journey ahead is set and to receive a significant attention with its significant potential.

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