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MCI Flowtronex engineers most compact advanced booster pump package for landscape, golf irrigation, and sports complexes

DALLAS, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MCI Flowtronex has completed their engineering and design of their Floboy package which consists of a wide variety of functionality and value adding features. Flowtronex specializes in easy to use, low maintenance/high performance packaged equipment.

Using our more than 40 years of experience building pumping systems the Floboy TX models the same quality and longevity our business was built upon. The Floboy TX product line is a compact, durable, and fully self-contained packaged pump station. This offers a multitude of solutions for many different applications. Our VFD and advanced control platform offers you the most efficient intuitive operation. Remote communication from anywhere with cell service allows customers, support staff, and operators to monitor, program, and troubleshoot anywhere in the world.

Our Floboy TX line delivers surge-free constant pressure management while monitoring a list of other safeties to ensure the equipment’s life cycle is maximized. Our color touch screen paired with the most cutting edge VFD technology gives the operator tangible information that is easy to navigate.

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The world needing more and more fluid moving equipment for sports complex irrigation, golf course irrigation booster, water feature, etc. this will be the perfect product to keep up with the world demand of pumping solutions.

MCI Flowtronex, Ian McQuagge, Director of Product Development and Sustainability, said: “Our creative and brilliant engineering team has truly created an unprecedented product packed with the most cutting edge technology. We strive to continue to lead the curve on peak performance, high durability, and user-friendly operation.”

MCI also announces the completion of our automated control panel shop, producing the highest quality controls solutions. With the utilization of our state-of-the-art brake presses, 4000W fiber lasers, robotic gasket machines, robotic horizontal and vertical welders, and automated conveyed powder coat line.

MCI Flowtronex & Water Equipment Technologies continues to engineer, fabricate, and support the most modern efficient packaged pump solutions and high purity water treatment systems worldwide. As a standard all packages will be equipped with MCI’s secure and fast remote monitoring allowing troubleshooting, monitoring, and programming.

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