“S BLOCK Dubai 2.0 Summit” Focus Preview

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — “S BLOCK Dubai 2.0 Summit” is scheduled to be launched at the Dubai Festival Arena this coming 20 September. The Summit, with its core discussion focusing on blockchain technology, is expected to attract 3,500 participants. This summit signifies the complete upgrade of S BLOCK global consensus and ecosystem.

Interstellar Wallet Entering Era 2.0

With increased public interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency, S BLOCK is taking this opportunity to rapidly deliver global consensus. 3 months after its introduction to the market, the Interstellar wallet is now ready for the second major upgrade, marching towards era 2.0.

S BLOCK is ready to welcome the decentralized self-governance community, making multiple core functions available online, including the six major tracks – HD cross-chain wallet, stock trading, Plan Flash, S Pay system, MasterNodes and wormhole chat.

The Summit will converge the global cryptocurrencies investment experts, coagulate the global community consensus, and concentrate the mainstream value media to witness the release of S BLOCK’s all new strategic plan.

Interstellar Wallet 2.0 Core Functions Online

1. HD Cross-chain Wallet

Functions of the HD cross-chain wallet is as below:

  • Creating a decentralized wallet, setting PIN code, backup mnemonic
  • Importing wallet through mnemonic
  • Displaying assets details and transaction records
  • Displaying information on various cryptocurrencies volume, total assets conversion
  • Assets can be configured (* sign) to hide from interface

2. Increased types of tokens including trading tokens

With this, S BLOCK is able to combine the users/ token users/ ROI of all mainstream stock exchanges with the larger community, coagulating all the volumes.

3. SBO can be swapped into BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20)

4. Increase Interstellar Quantitative Report

  • Display Interstellar quantitative credit conversion, quantitative income, quantitative record statistics and other information, SROBOT quantitative log information.

5. MasterNodes Node Construction

  • Completely developed the MasterNodes mine technology that will be launched soon, rewards level is expected to exceed Interstellar quantitative.

6. Lightning Project: DPU leasing completed

DPU will become the platform for users to share and exchange information.

7. S PAY – S Card Application Channel

At this summit, S BLOCK will be announcing the S PAY – S Card application channel. Summit participants can apply for the S PAY – S Card and receive the card on the spot. S Pos and S ATM will be launched this October.

Jennifer Bialek

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