Public Libraries Specialists in Kingdom open 4th forum

Riyadh,24 Rabi’II,1437 AH, 03 February,2016 , SPA — On behalf of the Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Adel bin Zaid Altoraifi, the Ministry’s General Supervisor of Cultural Affairs Saud bin Nassar Al-Hazmi opened on Monday evening the fourth forum of specialists of public libraries being organized by the Ministry of Culture and Information, represented by the Ministry’s Agency for Cultural Affairs- the General Directorate of Libraries – entitled “Public libraries and their roles towards the society”, at the theatre of the Eastern Region Secretariat with the participation of 150 male and female employees of libraries specialists.
The General Supervisor of Cultural Affairs confirmed in his speech the importance of changing the rooted concept of libraries that they are bowls to preserve the information, but the ministry is working so as public libraries act as an open university for male and female citizens and an information institution playing an important role in serving the society.
He called on the secretaries of libraries in the Kingdom to take advantage of modern technologies created by the Ministry for providing what local readers and beneficiaries are looking for, pointing out in the same context that the Ministry is moving to create clubs for readers as a service being provided by libraries for their users through websites to enrich the culture of individuals, expand their intellectual horizons, and provide the opportunity to continue self-education for children, youth and the elderly.
He noted that the Ministry has been keen on the diversity of holding the forum in the Kingdom’s regions to provide an opportunity for those in charge of public libraries for the acquisition of expertise and access to other colleagues experiences, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the participants in the forum and wishing them all success.
16:36 LOCAL TIME 13:36 GMT