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Karate Combat 46 to enhance Dubai’s standing as a leading sports tourism destination

Karate Combat KC46 Dubai

April 20th 2024

KC46 will be held on Saturday 20 April

First professional sports league gamified by a blockchain access token

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Karate Combat, the world’s premier full-contact professional striking league, has partnered with Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and Dubai Sports Council (DSC) to bring Karate Combat 46 (KC46) to the emirate this spring.

Expected to be the league’s biggest event to date, KC46 is collaborating with TOKEN2049 for a Saturday 20 April event. As part of the collaboration KC46 will be part of the official programme of TOKEN2049 Week Dubai, giving conference attendees the opportunity to witness one of the world’s most innovative sports leagues through special tickets and the opportunity to meet event ambassadors at the conference. KC46 will be announced by UFC Hall of Famers Georges St-Pierre (GSP) and Bas Rutten, alongside Mike Majlak, author and co-host of the Impaulsive podcast.

Karate Combat is the first professional sports league governed and gamified by a token, the $KARATE token. KC46 will be held during TOKEN2049 Week, the largest Web3 gathering in the emirate, which will bring together 15,000+ members of the global crypto community. Every fan can participate in the league by downloading Karate Combat’s iOS and Android apps.

In the week leading up to KC46, the league plans to hold special events at the city’s most iconic landmarks, including a fighters’ press conference featuring the Museum of the Future and face-offs in front of the Dubai Frame. Karate Combat’s signature 3D VFX background will also feature Dubai’s skyline with an exciting futuristic twist.

Asim Zaidi, President of Karate Combat League, said: “It’s very much our goal to shock the combat sports world with every single event we do. And I have to say our event in Dubai we’re planning will absolutely break the internet! Nobody entertains like we do, and with DET and DSC’s support, we’re about to shake up the world of combat sports. Stay tuned!”

Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment – Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, said: “KC46 is an exciting addition to Dubai’s year-round calendar of business, leisure and sporting events. As host of many major championships and tournaments, Dubai has grown into a leading sports tourism destination, with KC46 serving to further consolidate the city’s status as an international events hub. In line with the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33, to further consolidate Dubai’s position as one of the top three global cities for business and leisure, Dubai’s events and festivals attract the world’s top entertainment, lifestyle and sporting stars. Dubai’s modern facilities and purpose-built venues that cater to these events alongside our vibrant city-wide experiences and easy access to proximity markets, makes Dubai a highly attractive location to host events, in addition to fighters and fans who can also explore our exciting city.”

His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General – Dubai Sports Council, said: “We are pleased that the tournament has joined the list of many distinguished and high-profile events held in Dubai. This competition also confirms Dubai’s position as a city that supports sports and a wonderful environment for the emergence and growth of various sporting events. We are keen for this prestigious league to be successful, and for this to be the beginning of more continuity and successes for the event.”

Saeed Hareb further added: “Since the beginning of this year, Dubai has hosted many international tournaments in various sports, and there is no doubt that the fans of karate and martial arts in general deserve to have a global event presented as that gives them an opportunity to see the stars of this sport while acting as a motivation for all practitioners of this sport in the country. The UAE is home to varied communities from more than 200 nationalities from across the globe, and each of them has their own favorite sports they are keen to follow and watch the stars,” Saeed Hareb added.

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About Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET)
With the ultimate vision of making Dubai the world’s leading commercial centre, investment hub and tourism destination, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is mandated to support the Government in positioning the emirate as a major hub for global economy and tourism, and in boosting the city’s economic and tourism competitiveness indicators, in line with the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33, which aims to double the size of the emirate’s economy and consolidate its position among the top three global cities over the next decade. Under this remit, DET is driving efforts to further enhance Dubai’s diversified, innovative service-based economy to attract top global talent, deliver a world-class business environment and accelerate productivity growth. Additionally, DET is supporting Dubai’s vision to become the world’s best city to visit, live and work in by promoting its diverse destination proposition, unique lifestyle and outstanding quality of life, overall.

DET is the principal authority for planning, supervising, developing and marketing Dubai’s business and tourism sectors. It is also responsible for licensing and classifying all types of businesses, including hotels, tour operators and travel agents. The DET portfolio includes Dubai Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), Dubai Business Licence Corporation (DBLC), Dubai Corporation for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade (DCCPFT), Dubai SME, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE) and Dubai College of Tourism (DCT).

About Dubai Sports Council (DSC)
Founded on November 30, 2005, following a decree by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Sports Council is the official body responsible for the development of the sports sector in the Emirate. Today, under the guidance of its Chairman, His Highness Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the DSC organises and supports more than 400 events annually – not just top-notch sporting extravaganzas, but also awards and conferences that promote excellence, creativity and innovation in the world of sports. The Council supervises the work of Dubai’s seven local sports clubs and takes active interest in encouraging the practice of physical activity in society, especially among women and children, through programs and activities designed to create awareness about the importance of sport and physical activity, and to make it a way of life for the community.

The DSC’s mandate, though, is not just to promote sport, create awareness and nurture talent, but to also support creativity and reward excellence, among both individuals and organisations and help Dubai become a land of health, happiness and vitality. It has organised many international conferences and symposiums since 2006, including the annual Dubai International Sports Conference, to enhance the knowledge and culture of professionalism, and has brought some of the biggest names from the world of sports here to share their vision and thoughts. The Council also seeks to develop the sports industry in the UAE and the world through initiatives like the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award, and it organises many major international sports championships as well in cooperation with multiple sports bodies.

About Karate Combat (KC)
Karate Combat is the world’s premier full-contact striking league, blending the excitement of live-action, full-contact Karate with immersive CGI environments powered by the Epic Games Unreal gaming and virtual production engine. Olympic medalists and national champions from around the world are just some of the elite black belts invited to compete in eight different weight divisions in pursuit of a Karate Combat World Championship. The league, which is streamed and broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide, is owned by the Sensei Foundation, a Cayman Islands Foundation Company and its affiliates.

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Five citizens killed in a terrorist attack in Homs eastern countryside

Homs, Five citizens were killed Friday while picking up truffle in Jub Jarrah region in Homs Eastern countryside.

A police source told SANA that a number of terrorists, on motorcycles, shot fires at five citizens while picking up the truffle in Homs eastern countryside, killing them immediately.

Terrorist groups, some of them linked to Daesh, exist in the depth of Syrian Badiyah ( desert ) and attack citizens and residential complexes, particularly during the truffle harvest season.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Cuba calls for an end to Israeli crimes against Gaza

HAVANA, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez called for intensifying international efforts to stop Israeli aggression and genocide against Palestinian people and allow the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

‘We support Palestinian President’s call for immediate international action to stop the ongoing genocide,’ President Canel said in a post on X.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, also called, in a post on X, for halting crimes of genocide against the Palestinians, supporting international community demand to protect the Palestinians and offer them urgent humanitarian aid.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


President da Silva: ‘Israel’ commits a genocide in Gaza

Brazilia, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has renewed his accusation of Israeli occupation of ‘genocide’ against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

‘What Israel does is not a war, it is genocide because it kills women and children, there are thousands of dead children and thousands of missing, the soldiers are not who die but women and children in hospital ‘, President da Silva was quoted by WAFA as saying during an event in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

During his participation in an African Union summit on 18 this month, the Brazilian President had described the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip as genocide, saying that what was happening in Gaza Strip was not a war but an extermination, not a war against soldiers, but it is a war between a highly prepared army and women and children.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Dozens of martyrs and wounded on the 141st day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza

Occupied Jerusalem, Dozens of Palestinians were martyred and others were injured on Saturday, in the intensive and continuous Israeli bombardment of Gaza Strip, by air, land and sea for the 141st day, with bloody massacres and horrific crimes committed against Palestinians amid a catastrophic humanitarian situation.

Palestinian media reported that a number of Palestinians were martyred in al-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza, and the ambulances have a great difficulty in transporting the wounded and the bodies of martyrs due to the continues bombardment.

Yesterday, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced that the number of martyrs due to the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza strip since the 7th of last Oct. has increased to more than29,514 martyrs and 69,616 injured.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


A tourist group of different nationalities visits the ancient city of Damascus

Damascus, A tourist group of 12 citizens of British, Slovak, Irish, French, American and Austrian nationalities visited the ancient city of Damascus Friday, viewed its archaeological and religious monuments and roamed its markets and neighborhoods.

The tourist group visited Hananiya Church, Umayyad Mosque, Medhat Pasha Market and several old neighbourhoods of Damascus and will continue its trip journey program by visiting Aleppo.

A tourist from France pointed out that a company outside Syria has organized many tourist visits to Syria since 2018, pointing out that he documents everything he sees in this beautiful country with his camera to convey the correct picture of the Syrian people life and to refute false news depicted to European countries about Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Czech politician: U.S. has supported and continues to support terrorism in Syria

Prague, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Professor Petr Drulák confirmed that the United States has supported and continues to support terrorism in Syria and stands by its various organizations.

‘Moscow, unlike Washington, stands on the side of international law, and its military intervention in the crisis in Syria came with the consent of its legitimate government, while Washington stood and stands on the side of terrorist organizations, that is, it supports terrorism in Syria’, Drulák said in an interview to the Czech Radio ‘Universum ‘.

Drulák pointed out that Russia has emerged as a great power in the face of the Americans, who tried to sabotage several countries in the Middle East, including Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Second phase of restoring Syrian artifacts affected by terrorism begins, in cooperation with Oman

Damascus, The second phase of restoring the Syrian artifacts affected by the terrorist war on Syria began, in cooperation between the Syrian Ministry of Culture, the General Directorate for Antiquities and Museums (DGAM), and Oman National Museum.

Head of the General Directorate for Antiquities and Museums, Mohammed Nazeer Awad said that agreement signed with Oman National Museum included the number of the Syrian artifacts and how to ship them to Sultanate of Oman to be restored and then displayed in Oman National Museum so that its visitors from all over the world could learn about Syrian civilization, its heritage and originality.

Awad added that restoration of the artifacts came as part of the cooperation agreement between Syria and Oman, including restoring museums, the historical buildings and the artifacts, the last of which are the restoration of the buildings of Aleppo Citadel which was damaged in the earthquake hit the country last February.

Awad said that the Oman National Museum has a laboratory
for restoring various types and sizes of the large stone pieces and has recourse to experts in this field, including the Russian experts from Hermitage Museum.

Russian media quoted the Secretary-General of the Omani National Museum, Jamal bin Hassan Al Moosawi as saying that 207 Syrian artifacts were restored in 2021 and 2022 in Muscat, and this year the museum will begin to restore about 200 to 300 ones and that will take two years with the participation of the Russian experts.

These joint efforts will contribute to enhancing the cultural and historical awareness of society, and reviving historical sites to enhance their role as important sources of research, learning, and cultural interaction.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Al-Shammari: forming joint cell with Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan on drug control

Baghdad, Iraqi Interior Minister Abdul Amir Al-Shammari announced on Saturday the formation of a joint liaison cell with Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to combat drugs.

Al-Shammari’s remarks came during the Sixth Baghdad International Dialogue Conference.

He said that the quadripartite meeting held recently in Jordan came up with a set of recommendations, the most important of which is the formation of a joint liaison cell in order to save time and follow up on international drug smuggling gangs.

Al-Shammari pointed out the considerable cooperation by the neighboring on drug control which resulted in the arrest of drug dealers, dismantling of many drug smuggling networks, and activating the control.

On February 17, a quadripartite meeting was held in the Jordanian capital of Amman with the participation of the interior ministers of Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon to discuss joint efforts to fight against drugs.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency


Five citizens martyred in landmine explosion in Hama countryside

Hama, Five citizens were martyred Saturday in the explosion of a land mine left behind by the terrorist organization (Daesh) in the vicinity of Tal Salamah in Hama countryside.

A local source told SANA reporter that citizens were searching for truffle mushrooms in the eastern countryside of Salamiyah, and a landmine exploded on them, causing of their martyrdom.

The source added that their bodies were transferred to Salamiyah National Hospital.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency