About Us


The Press Arabia is the trustworthy source of revealing the news of every sector from all over the world and mostly from the arab region. The world’s overall economy is dependable on the economic situation of the arab world and that is why it has its significant importance. For this reason we cater the news related to the arab world most. We are passionate to contribute in the development of the arab’s economy and in its overall political situation. Our fidelity for sticking to the norms of journalism has made us able to make people trust our website and consider it to be the reliable source of sharing news when it comes to arab news online.

Our mission

We strive not to overlook our mission of coming up with unbiased reporting as this is what basic teachings of journalism guides us. We were determined to stay neutral when it comes to share news on our website without adding any sort of hidden agenda in it, and we also do not have any sort of political affiliation. We are very clear about maintaining the credibility of our news website, and that is why sharing the authentic news from the credible source is our first concern.

Use our platform for advertising purposes

We offer an opportunity for the businesses to use the platform that our website provides to them for getting their hands on their specific targeted audience. We propose them to get the global reach through submitting their press releases on our website, and that ensures you to witness a high number of traffic driving to your website. This is because people trust our credibility and it also benefits your business subtly as you use our platform for advertising purposes.

Our visibility on social media

We understand the importance of being visible on many different social media websites and that is why we make sure that we seem much noticeable to people there. Social media websites are known as useful platforms to get people’s feedbacks instantly about the news, which is published on the news website. We have also made it easy to get the news through availing our daily email newsletter service or through subscribing to our RSS feed service. As we provide the easy access to the news for people, it has made possible that now the name of Press Arabia is taken among the gulf’s top news websites when it comes to arab news online.