Al Jazeera 360 Film Premiere: ‘Al-Shifa Hospital: The Crimes They Tried to Bury’ Documenting Occupation Crimes

Doha: Al Jazeera Media Network presented film premiere of “Al-Shifa Hospital: The Crimes They Tried to Bury”, produced by “Al Jazeera 360”, which will be officially launched next September.

The 44-minute film documents Israeli occupation crimes inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex from March 18 to early April 2024, through exclusive testimonies from survivors who witnessed killings, destruction, torture, starvation, and arrests, and describes the conditions of detention during this invasion.

Following the premiere, an open discussion was held with the film’s production team and director.

Executive producer Ibrahim Saber emphasized that the film is an important episode in the series documenting occupation crimes, capturing the actions of the Israeli army during its invasion of the hospital.

Executive producer Mohammed Al Adly said that the film is a document that informs the world of what happened, from those who recorded their testimonies in the film, despite still being under bombardment and siege. He not
ed that the film has been translated into English, French, and Spanish, and will be screened worldwide, so that the voice of the people of the Gaza Strip can be heard. He also said that the producers aimed for the film to be included among the documents presented to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In a statement to the Qatar News Agency , Ibrahim Saber emphasized that Al Jazeera Network is committed to launching the “Al Jazeera 360” platform to address content blocking. As a result, this film will be available on the platform and will not be censored, marking a new level of freedom demonstrated by Al Jazeera, allowing the presentation of unrestricted Arabic content.

In a related context, Manager of “Al Jazeera 360” platform Jamaluddin El-Shayyal told QNA that the film is the first documentary to document the occupation crimes in Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which is a crucial landmark in Gaza. He affirmed Al Jazeera 360’s dedication to completing the film in a very short time, amidst an ongoing genocid
e for over half a year, and in the context of a narrative war waged by the occupation army to create misleading justifications for the global public opinion.

The film was supervised by Jamaluddin El-Shayyal, and coproduced by Ibrahim Saber and Mohammed Al Adly. The screenplay was written by Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa, and direction by Obada Al-Baghdadi.

The film was screened at Vox Cinema in Doha Oasis, Msheireb, and attended by the film’s production team, several medical staff from Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, and some patients who had been transferred to Doha.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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