Haql Beaches … Attractive Tourist Destination for Marine Life Lovers

Haql: As summer season starts, the beaches of Haql Governorate are also beginning to witness crowds of vacationers and visitors from inside and outside the region, thanks to their attractive natural features that appeal to lovers of swimming, fishing, and recreation.

The governorate is distinguished by its beautiful beaches, pristine coasts, and captivating views of the Gulf of Aqaba, which extends 180 km along the coast, as it combines the beauty of nature and magic of the sea, in addition to its pure waters, diverse soft sands, and picturesque nature, attracting a large number of visitors and tourists from various regions.

Haql Governorate has unique beaches that provide a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for swimming and recreation, exploring amazing marine life, watching colourful coral reefs and marine creatures, and practising various recreational activities that add a touch of fun and excitement for visitors. Among the distinctive beach destinations are Umm Anam Beach, Al-Wasl Island Beach, Al-Wasl B
each, Al-Qafif Beach, and Al-Nakheel Park Beach.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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